Homeschool Science Opportunities

This Fall 2021, Clemson’s Science Outreach Center has two opportunities for our homeschool families: 1) Homeschool Virtual STEM Club and 2) Homeschool Science Day (an in-person event).

Download the 2021 Homeschool Flier or read the information below for more details on each opportunity. Hope to see you soon!

Homeschool Virtual STEM Club

A fun learning experience for children ages 8-12. The STEM Club will engage students through six unique STEM Club sessions, each with two live instructors present.

WHERE? Zoom virtual classroomvscDesmond
COST?  $142 (includes all 6 sessions + cost of mailing materials to each student’s home
WHEN?  10:00 am - 11:30 am EST (see below for topics & dates of each session)
REGISTER for Fall 2021 Virtual STEM Club here:
QUESTIONS? or 864-656-9939

✽ Session 1: Density — October 6
Explore density with density towers and floating foil boats.
✽ Session 2: Water — October 13
Investigate the wonderful and weird properties of water through experiments with pepper, milk, food coloring and soap.
✽ Session 3: Sound — October 27
Deepen your understanding of sound waves by creating your own musical instruments and devices that imitate animal sounds.
✽ Session 4: Flight — November 10
Design, build and fly gliders while learning the science behind flight.
✽ Session 5: Engineering Design Challenge — December 1
Apply the laws of physics to build, test and evaluate your own bridge designs.
✽ Session 6: DNA Day — December 8
Discover the biomolecule that makes you YOU and solve a mystery with your new knowledge of biochemistry.

Homeschool Science Day

On Wednesday, December 15th @ 9:30 am-12pm Clemson’s Science Outreach Center is hosting an in-person science lab day for homeschool students. For only $12/student, your child will engage in the following hands on STEM exploration:

 Mystery of the Dead Hemlock Tree (ages 8-13) In this lab students will:girls in goggles in lab

  • Use solutes and solvents to create mixtures and solutions
  • Learn techniques to micropipette and measure small quantities of liquids
  • Perform gel electrophoresis to compare DNA from known pests to an unknown tree killer
    (scientists use this method to separate out parts of a mixture)
  • Discover the interdependent relationships of the hemlock ecosystem

Biology: DNA Fingerprinting/Crime Scene (ages 14 & up)  In this lab students will:hmsklboys-goggles

  • Isolate their own DNA
  • Set up a restriction digest of DNA from a “crime scene”
  • Run DNA samples from crime scene and suspects on a gel and compare the results to ensure that the right guy/girl is caught.
  • Learn about the human genome, genetic signatures, and how they are used in forensics and other application

REGISTER for Fall 2021 Homeschool Science Day here:
QUESTIONS? or 864-656-9939