Homeschool Science Days

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Science Outreach Center has suspended all in-person activities.  However, our Virtual Summer Camps were a great success and Virtual STEM Club begins on September 28!  
Email with any questions.

Come join us for some hands-on science learning on the campus of Clemson University.boys in culsoc lab

Clemson University lab instructors will lead your child through a mini-lesson and hands-on science laboratory investigation in a real science lab!

Please note - Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during the event.   

Ages: We will run two simultaneous labs, one for ages 6-11 and the other for ages 12-15.

Time: 10 am- 12 pm

Cost: $10/child

students in culsoc lab

Register: (click this link to register and pay)

or 864-656-9939

Dates & Topics:

  • Wednesday, March 25 - Chemistry Connections with Acids/Bases
  • Wednesday, April 22 - DNA Detectives
  • Wednesday, May 27 - Exploring Electricity

Chemistry Connections with Acids/Bases

Ages 6-11

boys in lab wearing goggles
  • Learn about acids and bases
  • Explore the chemical reactions between acids and bases through the Exploding Firework experiment
  • Combine art and science to design and create paintings with an acid/base chemical reaction

Ages 12-15

  • Learn about acids and bases as you make and test your own acid/base indicator
  • Learn about the pH scale as you make and test your own pH indicator
  • Conduct a scientific investigation into the pH of various household products

DNA Detectives (description coming soon!)

Exploring Electricity (description coming soon!)