Virtual STEM Club

boy in STEM clubThe STEM Club will engage students through six unique STEM Club sessions, each with two live instructors present. Sessions run Feb. 1–April 23 and are offered multiple times throughout a two-week period to accommodate the diverse schedules of each student. One week prior to each session, you will select the class time/date that works best for you. We also provide a recording of each session, in case your child cannot attend a session live.
Please register by January 15 (registration link below).

WHEN:  Class schedules will be announced bi-weekly but in general will be offered 3–4:30 p.m. EST or 4–5:30 p.m. EST Monday–Thursday

WHERE? Zoom virtual classroom 

COST? $142 (includes all 6 sessions + cost of mailing STEM Club materials to your home)

  • Session 1: Oceans
    Deepen your understanding of ocean pollution through experiments with CO2 and investigations into ocean clean-up devices.
  • Session 2: Light & Color
    Explore light, color, and diffraction by building your own spectroscope.
  • Session 3: The Magic of Lightnm-lightcolor
    Design and build a kaleidoscope while investigating how light can play tricks on our minds, distort images, and create beautiful designs.
  • Session 4: Air Pressure
    Experiment with balloons and bottles to explore the principles of air pressure.
  • Session 5: Diffusion & Osmosis
    Discover the phenomena of diffusion and osmosis through “growing a rainbow” and experimentation with dialysis tubing.
  • Session 6: Plants
    Design and build your own plant seed prototype while learning about seed dispersal in plants.

QUESTIONS?  Please contact us at, 864-656-9939


MEET OUR INSTRUCTORS - 2 live instructors will be present for all sessions!  

REGISTRATION: Use this link to register for the Virtual STEM Club.
If this link does not work, please email and they will send the link to you.  You can also copy and paste the following into your browser window:

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: The deadline to register for our Virtual STEM Club is Friday, January 15th, 2021. This deadline provides us adequate time to ship STEM Club supplies to your home!

Once you register and pay online, you will immediately receive a receipt via the email address you provided during registration. You will also receive the Zoom link, which you can use to access all STEM Club Sessions. A few weeks before the first STEM Club Session begins, we will mail all STEM Club supplies to the address you provide and will email you a Parent Materials List. To ensure your child has everything they need for STEM Club, before each session begins, please read this Parent Materials List. The list describes in detail what box items (and any additional items) are needed for each STEM Club Session. It also discusses any safety notes and tips for setting your child up for success with each session’s activities. 

Virtual STEM Club refund policy:
STEM Club fees, less 25%, are refundable if requested 3 weeks prior to the first day of STEM Club. Inside of 3 weeks prior to the first day of STEM Club, fees are nonrefundable.