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Alumni Spotlight

Macy McNairMacy McNair

Macy McNair, from Long Island, NY, graduated spring of 2017 as a Financial Management major and Brand Communications minor. Recently, she switched jobs to follow her career in advertising as an Account Coordinator on the Mercedes-Benz team at Merkley+Partners in New York City. Here she gets to work closely both with the client and the creative team and spends most of her time working on logistics, budgeting, and strategy. After taking her Erwin Center classes she knew that she wanted to work in advertising, but it took nine months of doing something completely different for her to finally realize where she needed to be. As a finance major, she truly appreciated the Erwin Center classes because they gave her a creative outlet in her very linear, mathematical education. In Andy Mendlesohn's class, she found value in not only working on creating content but also learning essential skills when it comes to pitching ideas. She enjoyed working on the media management project in Bill Reynold's class where her group chose a product off of Kickstarter and was given a $10M marketing budget which they had to allocate using data they pulled about their target market. They came up with really innovative advertisements for everything from out of home billboards to print ads and social media ads and priced everything themselves using real industry numbers.

"The professors serve as amazing role models for anyone interested in a career in Brand Communications, Marketing, or Advertising, and they made a huge impact on me during my time at Clemson. They pushed me out of my comfort zone, taught me a lot about myself as well as the industry, and made me a better thinker and team player. The skills I learned in the Erwin Center are skills I use on a daily basis in my career."