Faculty & Personnel


Dr. Guigen Zhang

Institute Director
Department of Bioengineering
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Dr. Zhang's Homepage
Interests: Stem Cell Tissue Engineering, Multiphysics Modeling, Micro/Nano Bioengineering
Email: Guigen@clemson.edu

Core Researchers

Dr. Brian Booth, IBIOE
Interests: Breast cancer, Stem cells, Signals that regulate the mammary microenvironment, Cell biology
Email: BRBooth@clemson.edu

Dr. Renee Nicole Cottle, IBIOE
Interests: Genome editing as related to cell-based gene therapies for metabolic liver disorders and cardiovascular disease.
Email: rcottle@clemson.edu

Dr. Ravikiran "Joseph" Singapogu, IBIOE
Interests: Haptics, Simulated tissues, Surgical simulation
Email: joseph.singapogu@gmail.com

Dr. Will Richardson, IBIOE
Interests: Matrix Systems Mechanobiology
Email: wricha4@clemson.edu


Mr. Scheen Thurmond, IBIOE
Research Associate-Laboratories Manager
Email: sthurmo@g.clemson.edu

Mrs. Caitlin Anglin, IBIOE
Lab Assistant - Dr. Renee Cottle Lab
Email: canglin@clemson.edu

Collaborative Researchers

Dr. Frank Alexis, Bioengineering
Interests: Biomaterials, Drug delivery, Nanoparticles, Nanotechnology, Targeted Therapy
Email: FAlexis@clemson.edu

Dr. Lisa Benson, Engineering & Science Education
Interests: Musculoskeletal Biomechanics, Physiological Loading of Orthopedic Implants
Email: LBenson@clemson.edu

Dr. Delphine Dean, Bioengineering
Interests: Computational Modeling, Cell-Cell and Cell-Matrix Interactions
Email: Finou@clemson.edu

Dr. Susan Duckett, Animal & Veterinary Sciences
Interests: Lipid Production and Relation to Cancer Processes
Email: SDucket@clemson.edu

Dr. Bruce Zhi Gao, Bioengineering
Interests: Laser Interactions with Cells and Tissues, Cell-Cell Interactions in Engineered Microenvironments
Email: ZGao@clemson.edu

Dr. Richard Groff, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Interests: Biofabrication, Cellular Growth Modeling
Email: REGroff@clemson.edu

Dr. David Kwartowitz, Bioengineering
Interests: Image-Guided Surgery, Robotic-Assisted Surgery, Medical Imaging and Image Processing
Email: Robodoc@clemson.edu

Dr. Jason McNeill, Chemistry
Interests: Novel probes for advanced fluorescence applications, Nanoparticles
Email: McNeill@clemson.edu

Dr. Chris Pagano, Psychology
Interests: Haptic Perception and Kinesthesis
Email: CPagano@clemson.edu

Dr. Scott L. Pratt, Animal & Veterinary Sciences
Dr. Pratt's Website
Interests: Biotechnology, Molecular Endocrinology and Reproduction
Email: ScottP@clemson.edu

Dr. Dan Simionescu, Bioengineering
Interests: Biomaterial Compatibility, Patient-Tailored Regenerative Medicine
Email: DSimion@clemson.edu

Dr. Pingshan Wang, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Interests: Microwave lab-on-chip techniques, microwave total analysis systems
Email: Pwang@clemson.edu

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Amarjit Budhiraja, Department of Statistics and Operations Research
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Interests: Stochastic Biological Networks
Email: Budhiraj@email.unc.edu

Dr. Betsy Davis, Maxillofacial Prosthodontic Clinic
Medical University of South Carolina
Interests: Maxillofacial prosthodontics, Implant prosthodontics, Aesthetic dentistry
Email: DavisB@musc.edu

Dr. Didier Dreau, Department of Biology
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Interests: Cancer Metastasis, Vascular and Immune Interactions During Cancer Growth
Email: DDreau@uncc.edu

Dr. Kyle J. Jeray, Greenville Hospital System
Orthopaedic Surgery Education
Interests: Orthopaedic traumatology, humerus fractures, synovial tissue, local bone graft techniques.
Email: KJeray@ghs.org

Dr. Malcolm R. Leadbetter, Department of Statistics and Operations Research
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Interests: Stochastic Process Modeling for Cellular Systems
Email: MRL@stat.unc.edu

Dr. Dane Smith, Greenville Hospital System
Department of Surgery
Interests: General surgery, Thoracic surgery, Contemporary surgery, Infections in surgery. Diagnose and treat chest, Diaphragm, Lungs, Esophagus, Chest wall, Heart valves, and trachea for disease.
Email: DSmith@ghs.org