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This conference brings together researchers and others interested in learning how families and communities are being studied in the Balkans. Of specific interest is how success is measured to improve child and family well-being and how research and evaluation are being used to bring about meaningful change for children and families.

Abstracts of potential presentations should be focused on topics of relevance to the symposium theme of strengthening families and communities.   Because families are the fundamental core of all societies, it is important to understand how current social and economic forces are affecting the quality of family life.  There are many changes taking place in the structure and function of families that put stress on the important role of families to act as a buffer and provide a safe place for family members.  Community institutions (schools, workplaces, NGOs, places of worship) have historically been supportive of family life but are now also facing challenges in meeting the needs of families and providing meaningful support.

We are interested in presentations relating to an empirical approach, with a focus on describing changes in family life and the policies and practices of community institutions that are supportive of family life.   The relative effectiveness of various strategies (e.g., family support/treatment programs, NGOs, legal action, political action, public information campaigns, educational efforts), and the lessons learned from last few generations are of interest.   The overall quest is to understand what is happening to families and how might change occur to improve family life.

Among the topics of interest are:

* descriptive analyses of changes in the structure of families (e.g., divorce, co-habitation, single parents);

* analyses of the impact of changes on children, adolescents, young adults, families, and communities, in areas such as: family life, schooling, health, gender roles, sexual behavior, ethnic relations, wealth distribution, crime and victimization, international migration, religious beliefs, organization of work, opportunities for people with disabilities;

* analyses of the ways in which community institutions (e.g., faith institutions; health care; education; human services; local governments) have initiated changes and the relative effectiveness of different strategies to strengthen families;

* the types of innovations in policies, programs, and clinical practices that are needed to respond to current challenges and further develop positive trends.



Clemson University Institute on Family & Neighborhood Life

Marin Barleti University

University of Tirana

Childwatch International Research Network

Haruv Institute

International Society for Child Indicators (ISCI)

University of Elbasan Aleksander Xhuvani


Deadline for Submission of Abstracts:    May 15, 2014

   Deadline for Notification of Abstract Acceptance:    May 30, 2014

 Deadline for Submission of Papers considered for Publication:         June 15, 2014



Dear Participants,

The conference organizers intend to publish select papers from the from The Balkan-American Conference “Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities” once the conference has concluded.  The conference proceedings publication is intended to present an overview of the current state of family and community life as well as challenges and success stories in programs and policies that improve child and family well-being.

To have your paper considered for publication, please submit and format the paper according to “APA style,” the format used for most English journals on social science (  For those unfamiliar with APA style, a tutorial can be found at:

Generally, in APA style, the paper should be no fewer than 20 double-spaced pages (including references) with standard 1 inch margins, the text is left-justified, with a font size of 12, and type face of Times  New Roman.

The paper should include:

1.            a title page (don’t count this page in numbering your paper)

2.            abstract

3.            an introductory section

4.            method section

5.            results

6.            discussion

7.            references

Given the short deadline, only a draft of your paper need be submitted by June 19th to  Upon completion of the conference, authors of draft papers who will be selected for publication will be contacted as to the status of their submission and given time to improve upon the paper.  Papers will be accepted, accepted with revisions, or declined.  In some cases, where significant English editing is necessary, an English co-author may be suggested in order to make the paper suitable for publication.   The conference proceedings is targeted for publication in the Fall.

We hope that the publication provides a resource for all of those who teach and do research in the field of family and community studies.

Address of the conference:
Faculty of Social Sciences
Blv. Gjergj Fishta
Tirana, Albania



Conference fee    50 euro


Lodging: Check back later

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