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John Morgenstern

John Morgenstern


John Morgenstern (DPhil, University of Oxford) has worked for trade and academic presses for more than a decade, with experience in both book and journal publishing. A scholar of transatlantic modernism and the arts, he is interested in acquiring books and journals in a wide range of fields.

Alison Mero

Alison Mero

Managing Editor

Alison Mero holds a Ph.D. in Musicology from Indiana University. Her research interests include nineteenth-century British music, opera production, and the periodical press. She encourages book proposals that deal with the intersection of music with literature, print culture, and other arts, as well as translations and editions of primary source materials.


Kelley Gillis

Editorial Assistant

Kelley Gillis holds a B.A. in English from the University of Arkansas. Her research interests include twentieth-century American literature, feminist theory, and genre fiction. She is currently working toward her M.A. in English while serving as an editorial assistant for Clemson University Press.

Emily Felton

Catherine Pugh

Marketing Executive at Liverpool University Press

Catherine Pugh is in charge of marketing and publicity for monographs and edited collections published in partnership with Liverpool University Press. Feel free to contact her with questions about our joint Clemson University Press/Liverpool University Press publications. For questions regarding all other Clemson University Press books, please contact John Morgenstern.


Kirstin O'Keefe

Journals Production Manager

Kirstin O'Keefe manages the production stages of Clemson's open-access journals. She also oversees the University's digital repository as part of Clemson Libraries.

Eduardo Nieves

Eduardo Nieves

Web Developer

Susan Chastain

Susan Chastain

Fiscal Analyst

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