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General Interest

From regional interest to international memoir, our General Interest titles offer something for all readers. Click on a book title or picture for descriptions and purchasing information.

Tastes of Clemson Blue Cheese, by Christian Thormose
Clemson University Press is proud to partner with Clemson Blue Cheese to produce a cookbook featuring nearly 200 ways to savor one of Clemson's signature products. Click on the book cover (left) for downloadable sample recipes and start cooking with Clemson Blue Cheese now.

Eclipse over Clemson, edited by Jim Melvin and featuring a poem by Ron Rash
EOC_Book_Screen (1)Clemson University Press is proud to partner with the College of Science to produce a book commemorating the eclipse on August 21, 2017.

100 Years of Clemson Architecture: Southern Roots + Global Reach Proceedings, edited by Ufuk Ersoy, Dana Anderson, Kate Schwennsen
100years-02-300x450100 Years of Clemson Architecture: Southern Roots + Global Reach Proceedings is a large-format, image-rich paperback book. Its 114 full-color, glossy pages include essays, discussions, and images that explore the Clemson University architecture program's century of accomplishments.

Travelers’ Rest, by Ben Robertson, with an introduction by Beatrice Naff Bailey and Alan Grubb
scan-travelersrest064Travelers' Rest is a family epic, but it is also an American epic, carrying a message that can also be found in Ben Robertson's other, more famous works, Red Hills and Cotton and I Saw England (his first-hand account of the Battle of Britain).

Never Out of Reach, by Eugene Dubnov
Never-Out-of-Reach-scannedThis memoir, a young poet’s tragicomic account of crossed loves and rebellions as he grows from boy to man under the vigilant eyes of the state in the Soviet Union between the 1950s and 1970s, can be approached as a bildungsroman. Set in Tallinn, Riga and Moscow (with episodes in Uzbekistan, Moldavia, and the Ukraine), it deals with the experiences of young people of that period, their friendships and attempts to form erotic/romantic attachments, as well as their search for national—Baltic, Jewish, Russian—identity while being watched and sometimes interrogated by the secret police.

Life Cycle Assessment of Grocery Bags in Common Use in the United States, by Robert M. Kimmel, Kay D. Cooksey, and Allison Littman
grocery-bags-300x450In recent years, municipalities throughout the United States have considered, and some have instituted, regulations and restrictions on retail grocery and carrier bags in order to promote sustainability and reduce perceived litter problems.

Letters to the Grandchildren, by Skip Eisiminger
scan-letterstothegrandchildren065Letters to the Grandchildren is a witty and thought-provoking collection of essays reflecting on life in the South Carolina Upstate during the past several decades.

Fighting Like Cats and Dogs, by Kyle King
king-300x450In the 1970s and '80s, there was no more closely contested or nationally significant rivalry in college football than the yearly series between the Clemson Tigers and the Georgia Bulldogs. The annual gridiron affray rose to new heights beginning in 1977, the year that marked the start of a decade of hard-fought battles between perennial national championship contenders from the Classic City and Fort Hill.

100 Years of Clemson Architecture: Southern Roots + Global Reach, edited by Peter L. Laurence
Clemson architectureFrom its beginnings in 1913, architectural education at Clemson University has been mindful of its geographies--its connections and relationships to both the state of South Carolina and to the wider world. This book outlines the first century of Clemson's architectural program, from 1913 to 2013, in the form of a timeline laid out in two half-century parts.

The High Seminary, vol. 2: A History of the Clemson University, 1964–2000, by Jerome V. Reel
img009"This book begins when the modern era began, with the name change to Clemson University effective on July 1, 1964. Once again, Dr. Reel has documented the facts and shared the fascinating, personal stories that make history come alive during the decades of Clemson's climb into the top ranks of American public universities." —James Barker, President Emeritus, Clemson University

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