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Poetry and Fiction

Our poetry titles include works from some of the best poets working today. Click on a book title or picture for descriptions and purchasing information.

Mapland: Poems, by Gary Allen
bro019"This is poetry that goes for the jugular. Allen's poetry is marked by its potent, dynamic syntax, and also by his storyteller's sensibility." —Alan Gillis, Poet & Editor of The Edinburgh Review

The World Is Charged: Poetic Engagements with Gerard Manley Hopkins, edited by William Wright and Daniel Westover
The-World-is-Changed-scannedThe discovery of Gerard Manley Hopkins’s poetry in the twentieth century was a revelation for postwar poets, who discovered in both Hopkins’s style and subject matter a voice seemingly bottled for their own time. This influence has not faded in the twenty-first century. The poets collected in The World Is Charged: Poetic Engagements with Gerard Manley Hopkins demonstrate together the centrality of his influence in contemporary poetry.

Eye of the World, by Ronald Moran
Eye-of-the-World-scanned"The great poems are poems of retrieval or thanks or both, and Ronald Moran's plain-spoken, affecting lyrics are squarely in this last category. He searches for and finds the people, now gone, who made his life what it is: his parents, the girls he dated, his beloved wife Jane. In doing so, this grateful, gifted poet teaches us how to burrow into and recognize the riches in our own lives." —David Kirby

Bayou Coeur and Other Stories, by Larry Gray
Bayou-Coeur-&-Other-Stories-scanned"Forget Duck Dynasty and True Detective. Read Bayou Coeur and enter a world as different from the homogeneity of American life as étouffée is different from Campbell's soup. Gray leads us through this unique culture like a skilled cajun accordionist laying down his chords and pursuing a melodic line that evokes nostalgia and mystery and resolves into surprising harmonies." —Bill Dowie, author of critical biographies of Peter Matthiessen and James Salter in the Twayne U.S. Authors Series

Dilemmas, by William L. Ramsey
Dilemmas-scanned"The most striking thing about Dilemmas is the deft manipulation of tone—these poems dance around from polemical to erotic to nostalgic to intimate to stubborn to scientific and back again and then off again to other climes. It is rare to find one voice well-tuned enough to pull this off, but William Ramsey manages beautifully. With a lovely formal touch—meter, rhyme and free-verse abound—Ramsey’s new poems remind us just how many component timbres and modes are often needed to make a single authentic sound." —Nathaniel Perry

Girls Like You, by Margot Douaihy
Girls Like You-scanned"Girls Like You is a masterful collection—at turns haunting, hilarious and heartbreaking. Douaihy pulls off a magic trick: by focusing our attention to deeply intimate moments and memories, her gorgeously wrought poems conjure the epic." —Stephen Karam, 2012 Pulitzer Prize Finalist, author of Sons of the Prophet

The Tree in the Mind: Poems, by Ronald Moran
scan-thetreeinthemind068"Ultimately, this book about love and loss becomes a celebration and an expression of gratitude. No more stirring tribute to the power of another in our life, to a relationship, to love, has been written. " —Scott Owens

Her Hands Were Not Beautiful: Poems, by Kathryn Kirkpatrick
Her Small Hands Were Not Beautiful-scanned"Kathryn Kirkpatrick's tour de force, Her Small Hands Were Not Beautiful, proves once and for all that the scholar's detective work can serve the poet's task." —Molly Peacock

Soul of the Beast, by Wes Phelan
The-Soul-of-the-Beast-scannedA novel featuring ancient mystery and international intrigue.

Women against Tyranny: Poems of Resistance during the Holocaust, by Davi Walders
Women Against Tyranny-scannedWomen Against Tyranny: Poems of Resistance during the Holocaust tells the forgotten stories of women, from a variety of cultural and religious backgrounds, who resisted throughout Europe during World War II.

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