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Rhetoric and Conflict

Rhetoric and Conflict

Rhetoric and Conflict Book Series

This book series places the role of rhetoric in the twenty-first century squarely among the most positive means of ameliorating and mediating social justice issues, violence, war, oppression, and political demagoguery. Monographs and edited collections in this series analyze the task of rhetoric in mediating these and other forms of conflict.

Editorial Advisory Board

Series Editor, Cynthia Haynes (Clemson University)

Diane Davis (University of Texas at Austin)
Victor J. Vitanza (Clemson University)
Roxanne Mountford (University of Oklahoma)
Thomas Rickert (Purdue University)
Sid Dobrin (University of Florida)
Justin Hodgson (Indiana University)
Steven Katz (Clemson University)
Patricia Roberts-Miller (University ofTexas at Austin)
Gregory Ulmer (University of Florida)
Byron Hawk (University of South Carolina)
Sarah Arroyo (California State University Long Beach)
Megan Eatman (Clemson University)
Bradley Dilger (Purdue University)
Julie Jung (Illinois University)
Todd Taylor (University of North Carolina Chapel Hill)
Krista Ratcliffe (Purdue University)
Jenny Rice (University of Kentucky)
Jenny Bay (Purdue University)