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Virginia Woolf Selected Papers Series

The Virginia Woolf Selected Papers Series features edited collections focused on subjects topical in Woolf and modernist studies.

Series Editor
Wayne K. Chapman

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Virginia Woolf and the World of Books, edited by Nicola Wilson and Claire Battershill
Just over hundred years ago, in 1917, Leonard and Virginia Woolf began a publishing house from their dining-room table. This volume marks the centenary of that auspicious beginning.

Virginia Woolf and Heritage, edited by Jane de Gay, Tom Breckin, and Anne Reus
vw-heritage-printThis book brings together an international team of world-class scholars to explore how Woolf engaged with heritage, how she understood and represented it, and how she has been represented by the heritage industry.

Virginia Woolf and Her Female Contemporaries, edited by Julie Vandivere and Megan Hicks
Virginia-Woolf-anf-Her-Female-Contemporaries-scannedVirginia Woolf and Her Female Contemporaries places Virginia Woolf's writing in context with that of other women writers during the first decades of the twentieth century. The book increases our understanding of many female writers, helping us to comprehend how they contributed to, and complicated, modernist literature.

Virginia Woolf Writing the World, edited by Pamela L. Caughie and Diana L. Swanson
Virginia-Woolf-Writing-the-World-scannedVirginia Woolf Writing the World addresses such themes as the creation of worlds through literary writing, Woolf's reception as a world writer, world wars, and natural worlds in Woolf's writings. The collection represents the theme of internationalism in Woolf's work, but its global appeal is likewise reflected in the diverse range of contributors from around the world.

Virginia Woolf and the Common(wealth) Reader, edited by Helen Wussow and Mary Ann Gillies
scanned_virginia woolf and the common(wealth) readerVirginia Woolf and the Common(wealth) Reader presents twenty-eight essays and four poetic invocations on the concept of "common(wealth)," addressing geographical, political, and imaginary spaces in which different readers and readings vie for primacy of place.

Interdisciplinary / Multidisciplinary Woolf, edited by Ann Martin and Kathryn Holland
Interdisciplinary-Multidisciplinary-Woolf-scannedInterdisciplinary/Multidisciplinary Woolf comprises thirty-five essays linking inter- and multidisciplinary scholarship to the intellectual and creative projects of Woolf and her modernist peers.

Contradictory Woolf, edited by Derek Ryan and Stella Bolaki
Contradictory Woolf collects 37 essays on the theme of contradiction in Woolf's writing, widely explored in relation to auto/biography, art, philosophy, cognitive science, sexuality, animality, class, mathematics, translation, annotation, poetry, and war.

Virginia Woolf and the Natural World, edited by Kristin Czarnecki and Carrie Rohman
scanned_virginia woolf and the natural worldVirginia Woolf and the Natural World explores Woolf's complex engagement with the natural world, an engagement that was as political as it was aesthetic. The diversity of topics within this collection—ecofeminism, the nature of time, the nature of the self, nature and sporting, botany, climate, and landscape, just to name a few—fosters a deeper understanding of the nature of nature in Woolf's works.

Woolf and the City, edited by Elizabeth F. Evans and Sarah E. Cornish
Woolf-&-the-City-scannedWoolf and the City collects twenty-five essays organized around six presiding themes: Navigating London; Spatial Perceptions and the Cityscape; Regarding Others; The Literary Public Sphere; Border Crossings and Liminal Landscapes; and Teaching Woolf, Woolf Teaching. It also includes a special forum on Woolf's legacy in and out of the academy. Beyond the volume's focus on urban issues, many of the essays address the ethical and political implications of Woolf's work, a move that suggests new insights into Woolf as a "real world" social critic.

Voyages Out, Voyages Home, edited by Jane de Gay and Marion Dell
Voyages Out, Voyages Home-scannedThe Eleventh Annual Conference on Virginia Woolf was the first to be held outside the United States. This voyage across the Atlantic was the stimulus for an exploration of themes of voyaging in Woolf's works, from her interests in travel and cross-cultural encounters to her imaginative voyages between texts and genres...and the subsequent voyages her texts have made into the work of others.

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