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SIP Courses

The Sales Innovation Program (SIP) coursework helps to prepare students for a demanding and rewarding career in sales. With openings in professional selling positions on the rise, our sales courses provide Clemson students with a competitive edge to stand out among other job applicants. Classes are tailored to develop students' business acumen, selling frameworks and presentation ability in order to equip students for influential roles in sales or related positions.

For students interested in a certification, SIP offers a sales certificate where students partake in real-world challenges, foundational role-play exercises and leadership opportunities. Professors blend theory and application in the program while also ensuring frequent interaction with industry executives.

Students begin their initial exposure to selling courses at Clemson through our Professional Selling course. Here, SIP faculty help demystify the selling industry and breakdown many stereotypes that often exist regarding the selling profession. At the same time, students gain their first exposure to selling principles and practices that often open up greater curiosity about the possibilities of selling as a career choice.

Marketing 4200 - Professional Selling
Foundational selling class focused on an introduction to selling careers, sales process, product positioning and presentation skills. Students implement what they learn in role-plays with real-world case studies. Upon completion, students have an understanding of how to break down a sales call, plan for a customer presentation and overcome objections.

After taking Professional Selling (MKT 4200), students are eligible to apply applying for entry into SIP. Selected SIP students can register for an array of advanced selling courses designed to improve their critical thinking, presentation skills and business acumen in various selling contexts.

Sales Certificate Courses

Marketing 4240 - Advanced Selling and Sales Management
Building on the foundations class (MKT 4200), students in this course are introduced to a more in-depth look at the selling environment. The first part of the course introduces students to advanced selling techniques, networking and new customer acquisition. Next, students will learn sales management concepts such as incentives, quota, sales force structure and motivation. As a class project, student teams apply their knowledge in a live sales management simulation to hire, train and develop their own sales force.

Marketing 3980 - Creative Inquiry/Capstone Course
This certificate capstone class is an outside educational opportunity monitored by sales professors. Students are tasked with managing and working as a team to raise money for a non-profit event. Throughout the semester, students must monitor their progression toward an assigned quota while getting exposure to industry representatives from across the region. Find out more about the Tiger Paw Classic, our current non-profit project.

Special Topics Courses

Marketing 4950 - Applied Selling
This course builds on earlier sales courses to focus on real-world application of complex selling principles such as B2B buyer behavior, interpersonal communication, sales planning, presentations, team selling and sales leadership. Additionally, a large portion of the class is dedicated to role play practice and preparation for sales competition(s). At the end of this course, students will be able to identify potential customers, perform problem discovery, develop innovative solutions and present effectively while coordinating relationships within selling and buying organizations. Students will also visit industry sites to get an up-close perspective of these frameworks in contemporary sales contexts.

Marketing 4950 - Selling Medical Devices
The course introduces students to the healthcare industry with a focus on developing and selling new medical device innovations. Our goal is to provide students from interdisciplinary backgrounds a ground level view of the healthcare marketplace and the development processes healthcare suppliers undertake to introduce a new offering successfully. Because new innovations create uncertainty in the marketplace, students will spend time learning and implementing various selling frameworks, processes and skills for promoting new innovations. Students will also have the opportunity to hear from industry speakers across functional areas in healthcare that are involved in the new product development and selling process.