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Celebrating 10 years!

  • Bobby Congdon Bobby Congdon
    Assistant Director, Sonoco Institute
    Clemson University

    "Working at Clemson's Sonoco Institute for the past eight years has been a fulfilling experience. I get to come to work each day with an amazing team of people, all focused on providing top-level services to the package printing industry. The amount of talent and technology we've assembled at the Sonoco Institute continues to impress me each time I show it to someone new. I do not know what the future holds for the Sonoco Institute, but I know it's going to be great."

  • Himanshu Rana Himanshu Rana
    Graduate Student, Packaging Science
    M.S. Graphic Communications, 2019

    "The Sonoco Institute has provided me with experience, exposure and enlightenment in my studies. It is truly exceptional to be at the forefront of industry research and testing because of the institute's capabilities. I really enjoy working with the staff and have learned a lot from their experience and knowledge. The seminars and workshops conducted by industry experts at the institute have been a great learning and networking opportunity for me. I am thankful for the opportunity to work at a place with such an amazing environment and people. Go Tigers!"

  • Joe Tuccitto Joe Tuccitto
    Director of Education
    Flexographic Technical Association

    "As an annual partner of Clemson University's Sonoco Institute through a variety of outlets - training at their seminars, production in their print lab, sponsorship of their VR print training platform and more - we truly understand the value of the existence of such a collaborative space for training, testing and research. Through their Advanced Print Technologies Lab, the Sonoco Institute has added value to the flexographic printing industry by providing a space for industry and academia to meet and explore innovative package printing solutions."

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