Nate Newsome

Research Associate, Virtual Reality

MS, Computer Science
BFA, Visual Arts

Nate Newsome has a unique background consisting of art and computer science, which has led to a passion for creating interactive technologies. He graduated from Clemson with a BFA in Visual Arts focusing in Sculpture and an MS in Computer Science, where he focused on a human-centered approach to developing interactive technologies. As a graduate student, he developed virtual reality systems for Clemson’s Virtual Environments Group, the Mixed Reality Lab at USC’s Institute for Creative Technologies, and the Sonoco Institute for Packaging Design & Graphics. As a Research Associate in Virtual Reality he is creating innovative VR solutions for the printing and packaging industry, as well as helping guide campus-wide VR efforts at the Watt Family Innovation Center. When he’s not immersed in virtual worlds, Nate enjoys hiking new trails and spending time outdoors with his family.