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Media Display

The Watt Center has a variety of displays available for advertising/supporting events being held on campus or in the building. The displays will be used in such a way that conveys the mission of the Watt Center, as well as those of its partners and Clemson University. Use cases include: delivering academic information, Watt Center events and news, public art that is consistent with the Watt Center vision, and to serve other University and Center needs as approved by the Director or a designated representative. In all cases, all displayed content must also conform to the Clemson University Facility Use policy.

Reserve a Media Display

Details & Specifications for Display Types

We Offer Design Services

  • Pricing: $50/hour
  • An initial meeting with the Public Information Director is required prior to the initiation of the display agreement to ensure the designer fully understands the client’s needs.
  • The client is responsible for reviewing the specific display use policy for the requested content prior to the initial meeting.
  • The client is responsible for providing the designer with all information and/or assets (e.g., logos, branding colors or fonts) necessary for content creation at the request of the designer.
  • Allow for adequate time to create content.
  • A mock-up of the final content design will be provided to the client for review and approval. If necessary this will then be sent to the Director, or designated representative, for the final approval.
  • The client is responsible for paying for all hours of design work completed even if they cancel their reservation.