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Tiger Write Night


Online Tiger Write Night

Make progress on your papers and projects during Tiger Write Night! Come join us to jumpstart your academic assignments with support and dance breaks. Consultants will be on-hand to provide feedback in breakout rooms.

March 4 -- 9pm - 12am EST via Zoom
April 15 -- 9pm - 12am EST via Zoom

Who should attend?

ANYONE, but particularly ENGL 1030 students. Pre-registration is required. 

What to expect:

Our goal is to offer a pleasant space conducive to clear thinking and effective writing. We offer an environment without distractions, one that will allow you (should you wish) to connect with other ENGL 1030 students who are working on the same project. Staff from the Writing Lab will be available for live consultations. You will be lead through productive writing exercises and have fun with a couple dance breaks! 

A Typical Late Night:

9:00pm: Arrive to the Zoom Room, fill out the Productivity Form!

Consultants are on-hand for breakout room conversations. 

Sidebar breakout room workshops are offered on Overcoming Writer's Block and Citation Styles. 

10:00 - 10:15pm: Dance Break

10:15 - 10:30pm: Break

10:30pm: Return to Work

Consultants continue to be on-hand. Breakout room offered for discussing work. 

Midnight: Wrap-Up

Special Accommodations

Any person needing special accommodations to participate in the Tiger Write Night event should contact Chelsea Murdock