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Got some questions? We have the answers! The Writing Lab is here to support you in your writing process for any and every class. We hope this information helps you understand what to expect of, and how to prepare for, a Writing Lab appointment.

  • Is the Writing Lab for me?

    If you are engaged in any form of writing, then the Writing Lab is for you. We work with all writers at all levels from all disciplines on all writing. Whether you feel you are a strong writer or in need of a little extra help, we are here to support you.

  • English is not my first language. Can I still use the Writing Lab?

    Yes! We assist students from a variety of cultures and backgrounds. However, we are not able to offer tutoring services in any language other than English.

  • Why are you called the Writing Lab?

    Did you know we were originally called the "Writing Lab" when we opened in 1983? Labs are often places of discovery, consideration, and critical engagement. We support students in considering their writing and critically engaging with that writing as they develop their writing skills. We are considered the "lab" space for students enrolled in ENGL 1030. Those students are encouraged to use our services in first year and beyond. 

  • What sorts of writing do you support?

    We help with papers, laboratory reports, resumes, cover letters, essays, personal statements, clinical reports, thesis or dissertations, literary or artistic or rhetorical analysis, multimodal projects, technical or recommendation reports, case studies, . . . etc., etc., etc.

    We welcome writers in all majors, disciplines, and levels of study. In welcoming all writers, we welcome all kinds of writing!

    Essentially, we help whenever there’s writing to be done!

  • Is the Writing Lab free?

    Yes. The Writing Lab is a free resource available to all Clemson University students, faculty, and staff. It is supported by ENGL 1030 lab fees and students can utilize us at any stage of their academic career at Clemson.

  • How do I schedule an appointment?
  • Do I have to make an appointment?

    We welcome walk-ins, although we suggest making an appointment to ensure the availability of a tutor at your desired meeting time. If you stop by and we’re not available, we’ll help you make an appointment for a convenient time.

  • How do I cancel or reschedule an appointment?

    You may cancel or reschedule an appointment by visiting our online booking system. Just click on the time slot that you have reserved and select "cancel this appointment" at the bottom of the screen. You can also give us a call or stop by the lab and we can help you set up a time that best fits your schedule. Note that you cannot cancel an appointment within an hour of that appointment's meeting time.

  • What should I expect from my Writing Lab appointment?

    We use a student-centered approach to focus on your needs as a writer. We begin by asking you to explain your assignment, progress, and concerns. Then, we develop an agenda for our time together that responds to your particular writing situation. Then, as our session draws to a close, we review your action plan for the next phase of your writing.

  • What should I do to prepare for my Writing Lab appointment?

    You should bring your work (hardcopy or laptop) along with the assignment to your session. You should also be prepared to tell us what you would like to work on. Also, bring blank paper and a writing utensil.

  • When is the best time to visit the Writing Lab?

    While we are happy to assist you at any point in the writing process, we recommend scheduling an appointment earlier to ensure that you have the opportunity to revise your work or make additional appointments. This will also guarantee our availability, as our schedule tends to fill up when large class assignments are due as well as during the weeks leading up to exams.

  • How can I work in the Writing Lab?

    The Writing Lab is currently staffed by Writing Fellows. The Writing Fellows Program is comprised of students from across the university. In the program, they receive ongoing professional development, training in writing support, and a stipend. To learn more, please go to our Writing Fellows Program page. 

  • The Writing Lab is a nice space. Can I work on a writing project in the Lab without an appointment?
    If you're working on a writing project, yes, you can work on it during our "open" hours.
  • I have a take-home exam. Can you help me?

    Consultants can only discuss take-home exams if you bring written permission or show us the prompt or the syllabus online clearly indicating that you are allowed to come to the Writing Lab. 

    We have to be very cautious about how we approach take-home exams. 

  • My instructor requires a Writing Lab appointment. How can I prove I had an appointment?

    After an appointment, we will email you a client report form. This report will be sent to the email you provided when you registered in our appointment system. You can then forward that email to your instructor. 

    We know that it can be frustrating to have a required appointment. We encourage you to find a way to make the appointment useful to you by bringing a draft or scheduling an appointment early in a writing process. 

The Writing Lab
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