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Prospective and Admitted Student Resources
Important Contacts Phone
University Call Center 864-365-0555
Academic Success Center 864-656-6452
Center for Career and Professional Development 864-656-6000
CCIT 864-656-3494
Financial Aid Office 864-656-2280
Redfern Health Center 864-656-3571
Office of Global Engagement 864-656-2457

Note from Provost Bob Jones — March 20, 2020

Getting Started

This is your guide to learning remotely at Clemson.

Academic Continuity: What do you need to do?

  • If notified of an extended campus closure, do not physically attend any class on campus.
  • Look for Academic Continuity class objectives from your instructor.
  • Know and understand the expectations from your instructor(s) including due dates.
  • Have access to resources needed to complete activities scheduled for the day (such as Canvas and enough bandwidth to watch videos).
  • Know the best way to reach your instructor with questions about the course activities.
  • If you have a lab, please clarify with your instructor the lab activity expectations.

Preparing to Work Remotely

Staying Connected

During this period of online instruction, see the following resources from the Academic Success Center:

  • Use your instructor’s virtual office hours, e-mail, and live instruction time to ask questions.
  • Visit the Tutoring, PAL, and LearningLab pages to view the schedules and access Zoom links.
  • Access additional resources, including recorded PAL sessions, in the new “Peer Learning Space” sections in Canvas. The link can be found on the tutoring and PAL schedules.
  • Utilize academic coaching services and resources.
  • Meet your classmates for online study sessions on Google Hangout or Zoom meeting. Use When2Meet to identify group study times. Use the study group template from LearningLab to keep a study session on track.
  • Visit Clemson Online for technical and connectivity resources as well as additional tips for successful online learning.
How to Survive and Thrive During Online Instruction

Facilities and Services

Modified schedules and operations

Family Communications

Parents interested in receiving customized campus updates can register for an account through the Clemson Parent and Family Experience.

Health Services

Mental health support
Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Housing and Dining

Frequently asked questions

Mail and Print Services

Guidance for students, faculty and staff (pdf)

Student Employment

Guidance for undergraduate workers

IT Resources for Working Remotely

CCIT Guide to Faculty, Staff and Students

Frequently Asked Questions


What is being refunded?

The University is providing refunds for unused fees associated with housing, meal plans, parking permits, transit fees, campus activity fees and campus recreation fees.

How will I get refunded?

Refunds will be credited to student accounts. After credits are applied to the account, if there is a credit balance, the balance will be refunded directly to the student. Students who have signed up for eRefund through iRoar (details below) will receive their refund through the direct deposit instructions provided. Non-electronic refunds (checks) will be mailed to the permanent address on file.

For students enrolled in the Bridge to Clemson Program, since billing is coordinated through Tri-County Technical College (TCTC), TCTC will serve as the entity to process those refunds. Clemson University officials are working with representatives of TCTC to implement the refund process.

When will refunds be available?

Any refunds due to students, after applying existing account charges, will be processed no later than April 10. Electronic refunds are expected to be made by this date. Paper checks will also be mailed by this date but may take longer to arrive.

For students enrolled in the Bridge to Clemson Program, representatives from Clemson University and TCTC will be working to expedite refunds as soon as possible.

Will there be tuition or academic fee refunds?

No refunds will be provided for academic fees as undergraduate, graduate and Bridge courses held on the main campus and at University facilities across the state were readily and without interruption moved to an online platform, ensuring students were able to continue their academic progress and proceed toward graduation.

Refunds - Housing and Dining

Who will receive a housing refund?

Residents with Spring 2020 housing contracts who were not physically living on campus after March 23 receive refunds.

What if I was approved to stay on campus due to Extenuating Circumstances, but have since moved out – or would like to do so now?

Students who were on Clemson’s Extenuating Circumstances roster and stayed on campus for a portion of the time between March 23 and April 5 will be eligible for a portion of the refund. For students departing on or after Monday April 6, no refund will be available.

What happens to a resident’s belongings left in rooms or apartments? Has a move out date been established?

Clemson Home, in partnership with University Emergency Management, has aligned move-out planning with current Federal and State of South Carolina guidelines for social distancing and avoiding non-essential travel. Based on current guidance, Clemson Home does not anticipate beginning a move-out process any earlier than Friday, May 1. Specific dates and timelines will be communicated as federal and state health guidelines allow for planning to be finalized.

What will the move-out process look like?

Students and families have the University’s commitment that move-out dates will be announced with as much notice as possible. Clemson will mirror the move-in experience by having a sign-up process by which a percentage of students will be moving out of any one area at a given time. Using this model, Clemson will phase move-out over a multi-week period providing a flexibility of options for families to select what will work best for them.

Who will receive a meal plan refund?

All meal plan holders with a spring 2020 meal plan who were not physically living on campus after March 23.

What happens to students who were approved to stay on campus due to Extenuating Circumstances, but have since moved out? Will they have part of their meal plan refunded?

Students who were on Clemson's Extenuating Circumstances roster and stayed on campus after March 23 will be eligible for a portion of the refund until Sunday April 5. For students departing on or after Monday April 6, no refund will be available.

How will Bridge to Clemson Students receive refunds?

Bridge to Clemson students pay their Housing and Dining costs on the Tri-County Technical College Student Bill & Schedule. Your credits would appear there.

How was the housing refund calculated?

Housing refunds will be approximately 35% of your semester rent. That amount is calculated based on the number of days from March 23 through the end of the spring housing contract on May 3. A credit will be posted to your student account.

How was the meal plan refund calculated?

For Unlimited Plans – Your meal plan refund will be approximately 35% of your meal plan cost adjusted for Paw Points. The 35% represents the Spring term period March 23 through May 3.

For Block Plans – Your meal plan refund will be based on the per meal price for unused meal swipes up to 124 meals, which represents the remaining meals available in the semester as of March 23.

What about my Paw Points balance?

Unredeemed Paw Points associated with meal plans as of March 26 will be reimbursed as part of any meal plan refund.

What do I need to do to get my refund?

Follow the directions on the eRefunds site if you are expecting a refund.

Refunds - Parking, Transit, Recreation, Activity Fees

Who will receive a parking refund?

Any student who purchased a parking permit except for students who were physically living on campus after March 23 will receive a parking refund.

What happens to students who were approved to stay on campus due to Extenuating Circumstances, but have since moved out – or would like to move out now?

Similar to housing students who were on our Extenuating Circumstances roster and stayed on campus after March 23, they will be eligible for a portion of the refund until Sunday, April 5. For students departing on or after Monday, April 6, no refund will be available.

Who will receive refunds of Campus Recreation, Activity and Transit fees?

Due to the curtailment of services and activities on campus, all students will receive prorated refunds of these fees regardless of their housing status.

How was the refund calculated for these fees?

Your refund for these fees will be approximately 35% of the amount you paid. That amount is calculated based on the number of days from March 23 through May 3. A credit will be posted to your student account.


I have recently returned from a trip abroad or have had contact with someone who may have COVID-19. What should I do?

Contact University health officials at 864-656-2457 for guidance.

I traveled to a country that is now restricted and I cannot return to the U.S. What should I do?

Students who are affected by these travel restrictions should contact the Pam Hendrix Center for Education Abroad.

Has there been any change to the university's academic schedule?

Yes, following spring break the University will go to online instruction from March 23 through the completion of the spring semester. Clemson University Registrar's Office announced the extension of the last day to drop a class or withdraw without final grades to Friday, March 27. The University continues to develop plans for all scenarios as the situation develops and the priority objective remains to complete the academic semester.

Someone affiliated with Clemson University has returned from study abroad and is back on campus. Are they not required to observe a mandatory 14-day waiting period before returning?

The University recalled 385 individuals from many overseas locations with varying degrees of risk designation. Once an individual has been appropriately screened by University health officials, their restriction to any campus property is based off the risk associated with the international area they are returning from and its alert level at the time they first contacted Redfern or Sullivan center. If you are concerned that someone has not followed proper isolation or quarantine protocols, please contact the care line for the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) at 1-855-472-3432 between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. seven days a week.

Are campus events and activities being cancelled in response to COVID-19?

No events will be held on any Clemson University campus or facility through the remainder of the spring semester, until at least May 8, 2020. As the University's operating status changes based on COVID-19, the community will be notified through email, social media (@ClemsonSafety, @OURClemson, @ClemsonUniv) and CU SAFE ALERTS.

How can I file a report if I have experienced or witnessed a bias-related incident involving any member of our community?

Clemson University strives to be an inclusive community that welcomes and respects all people. Acts that violate the institution's core values of honesty, integrity and respect are not tolerated. Reporting, understanding and preventing unacceptable behaviors such as bias are essential. Complete an online bias incident report if you feel you have experienced such an incident or are a witness to an incident involving any member of our community.

For additional support, you may contact the Office of Access and Equity, 223 Brackett Hall, telephone: 864-656-3181 (voice) or 864-656-0899 (TDD), for advice and assistance in resolving the problem.

What resources does Clemson have for students, faculty or staff who may be concerned about their emotional or psychological health during this time?

ALL students, faculty and staff: Any person with a email address has access to an online program called Therapy Assistance Online (TAO) facilitated by Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) in Student Health Services. There are nine online treatments with multiple modules from which you can select to best address your concerns. If you have questions about utilizing this service, please contact CAPS at 864-656-2451.

Faculty and staff: Deer Oaks Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a free service provided for employees, your dependents and household members. Deer Oaks offers proactive resources that provide you with the right tools and confidential resources to combat stress and navigate work and life challenges in the moment before they have a negative impact on your work productivity and personal wellbeing. You can access Deer Oaks services 24 hours per day, seven day per week. For assistance, please call 866-327-2400 or visit this link.

Students: During business hours, students may call in to CAPS for consultation or concerns at 864-656-2451. In case of emergency or crisis after CAPS business hours, students can access the counselor on call. Simply call Clemson University Police Department at 864-656-2222 and ask to speak to the counselor on call. You will be asked to give your name and phone number and the counselor will call you back. This service is available during the hours that the University is closed (generally 5 p.m. through 8 a.m. Monday through Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday.

What do I do if I plan to travel internationally?

All University-affiliated international travel has been suspended. Any exception will require specific approval pursuant to the University’s high-risk travel policy. Officials highly discourage non-essential domestic travel. Please understand you will be subject to additional screenings and/or quarantine requirements before you can return to any Clemson campus or location.

Can I still travel within the U.S.?

Effective March 5, 2020, departmental evaluation of all future University-affiliated travel is required. The University discourages non-essential domestic travel. The definition of "essential" travel will be determined on the department level. The University encourages students, faculty and staff to find alternate means of conducting their studies and business associated with non-essential travel. Reference the COVID-19 webpage for current travel guidance.

What if I don’t have insurance?

All individuals physically located in South Carolina who are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 may access a free virtual MUSC telehealth visit. Enter the promo code “COVID19.”

What support technology provisions have been made for students, faculty and staff to respond to working and taking classes from home?

Along with the many Clemson-sponsored technology solutions offered through Clemson Online’s Academic Continuity website, Resources and Strategies for Thriving in the Online Environment, and CCIT’s Working Remotely support website, a number of broadband and WiFi providers such as Spectrum, Comcast, Cox, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and others have extended their service in response to COVID-19. Please check with your provider for specifics.

I am part of a student organization with an upcoming trip planned. Can I still go on the trip?

All registered student organizations that plan to fund any portion of travel through the University (including but not limited to direct department funding or Student Activity Fee allocation) must follow all University travel guidelines. All international travel has been suspended and non-essential domestic travel has been highly discouraged. If your organization is not using University funding, it is strongly recommended that the same considerations are utilized. All students must keep in mind personal responsibility and health status when deciding to travel during this worldwide health crisis. Please contact if you have any questions.

Can I return to campus?

Only students who have received exemption for extenuating circumstances are able to return to on-campus housing. If you did not receive approval, do not come to campus. Please continue to monitor official University communications for additional information related to adjusted operations during this time period.

Student Workers and Graduate Assistants

What will happen to my student worker job now that the University has moved to online instruction?

If approved by the supervisor, undergraduate student workers and graduate students have an opportunity to work, if they so desire and are symptom-free of COVID-19 or other illnesses. Student workers should communicate with their supervisor to make determinations about work and work schedules.

Since the University has moved to online instruction, am I still required to work?

Maybe. Even during periods of modified operations, you may still be required to fulfill your contracted job duties, as directed by your supervisor. Your supervisor may modify your duties due to changes in operations. Consult your supervisor for more information and direction.

I normally work at a University facility. Am I expected to report to that work location?

The most appropriate location to continue expected duties should be determined by your supervisor, giving consideration to social distancing and accommodations when appropriate.

I am a student worker with a special medical consideration. Who should I consult regarding my Clemson work?

Contact the Office of Access and Equity regarding possible accommodations, and communicate concerns with your supervisor.

I am an international student worker. Can I return to my home country and continue my work duties?

No. International travel affiliated with the University is prohibited and personal travel is discouraged at this time. All international student workers should consult with their supervisors before conducting any work activities outside the United States. Anyone who chooses to travel from or through areas where community transmission has been confirmed by CDC or areas otherwise subject to travel restrictions, will not be allowed to access any university-controlled property for 14 days from the date of their return.

I am a domestic student worker. Can I return to my home state and continue my work duties?

The most appropriate location to continue expected duties should be determined by your supervisor, giving consideration to social distancing and accommodations when appropriate.

What resources are available if I still have questions?

Human Resources will continue to work with other University offices to clarify questions they receive regarding the continuation of student employment.

Please check the COVID-19 website for up to date information concerning University operations, and consult with your supervisor for more information and direction.

I am an hourly student employee. Did anything change for me in terms of recording work time?

Most everyone is working remotely, so maybe not. If you take no action except to follow your typical reporting, all your work time worked will be reported as remote.

If, however, you are working from a Clemson University facility, you have a noon deadline that day to log your ‘On Premise’ work time into a computer, a mobile device or a timeclock. Refer to the Hourly Employee On Premise Job Aid.