Important Dates and Final Details

Important Travel Warning

EETG applicants must determine whether the country to which they plan to travel is subject to a U.S. Department of State Travel Warning. (keep this link) If so, students must submit a “Request to Allow Travel to Countries Subject to Travel or Travel Health Warnings” (Request) to obtain a waiver. The waiver must be obtained before funds for an EETG can be disbursed to the student. This process can take 3 or more months, so EETG applicants should begin the Request process as early as possible.

Important to Register

In order to receive any funds from the Honors College, you must register with Clemson University Tiger Pay. It is permissable to register in advance of award notification, as this system applies to many things with regard to Clemson funding.Please register here

Important Dates

December 1  EETG applications open

February 22  All materials uploaded to ApplyWeb: student contact and academic information, proposed experience, proof of summer opportunity acceptance/plan, budget

March 1  Faculty recommendation due - email will be generated to the person indicated, once student application is received

April 1  Every effort will be made to notify students regarding their award decision

August 20  Deadline to upload receipts and other items from EETG experience

September / October  EETG Poster Forum in the Honors Center – to be communicated to students

The Poster

Upon completion of the experience students will make a public poster presentation about their experience. The poster should be designed in PowerPoint. The finished size of the poster should be 35.5 x 46.5. Size can be set under “Design,” and then “Page Setup” in PowerPoint.

Creativity is encouraged! Students should showcase their experience, funded by the EETG – the research; the class; the internship location – as well as what else was experienced such as the landscape, culture or city sites. The poster should entice viewers to want to know more about the experience. The poster should not be cluttered, and photos are encouraged. Any font can be used but Arial is recommended, as it is easy to read. Four-point font is easily readable when printed full-size.

Posters should have a title and the student’s name. They should acknowledge the Educational Enrichment Travel Grant. (Example – The Calhoun Honors College is gratefully acknowledged for supporting this experience through an Educational Enrichment Travel Grant.) Other funding or support can also be acknowledged.

Printing the Poster

Posters need to be printed at CCIT: See Printing and Plotting information here. Receipts for the printing can be uploaded where the other EETG receipts were uploaded.

Mounting Your Poster

The date of the poster forum will be emailed to students. On the date of the forum, students will bring their paper poster and use provided clips and foam boards to display them. Students will take their posters with them at the end of the forum.