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Welcome to the Honors Residential College

HRC logoThe Honors Residential College (HRC) is a partnership between the Honors College at Clemson University and Clemson's Department of Housing and Dining. Housed in a beautiful new facility that includes the Honors College offices, classrooms, study rooms, library, kitchen, and our stunning Great Hall, the HRC encompasses a dynamic community of lively and engaged students, faculty, and staff within the greater Honors community.

The HRC is at the heart of the Honors College experience!  It supports the mission of the Honors College through:

  • Creating community. The strong connections among HRC students and staff make the stresses of college life easier and the joys and successes sweeter.  Diversity is recognized and appreciated. Friendships made in the HRC can last a lifetime. 
  • Being a home away from home.  The HRC is the place where Honors students can de-stress, relax, and be themselves: smart, quirky, enthusiastic and fun-loving.
  • Providing opportunities for self-expression. HRC events allow residents to express their creativity and share their passions outside the classroom.
  • Providing opportunities for intellectual, global and cultural engagement. We offer large and small events designed to expand our students’ world—often in cooperation with the greater Honors College.
  • Promoting interaction with professors outside the classroom. In addition to regular interactions with the faculty-in-residence, students have many opportunities to meet and get to know Clemson faculty members.
  • Engaging the greater Honors College community. Some HRC events are held in the Great Hall and the Honors Center to foster a sense of belonging and inclusion in the Honors community as a whole.

Meet Our Staff

Faculty in Residence

Bill-Sue-webBill and Sue Lasser serve as Faculty in Residence for the HRC. Bill is the Executive Director of the Honors College, and his wife, Sue, retired as Director of the PEER Office (College of Engineering, Computing, and Applied Sciences) after 30 years at Clemson. The Lassers are famous around the HRC for their parties (especially Bill's brownies!), their Halloween costumes, and the various events they sponsor for the HRC and the Honors College.



Assistant Director, Residential Living
HRC Community Director

Youlande-webYolande Graham is new to Clemson, but an old hand with residential settings and with honors college communities.  Yolande is originally from Jamaica but comes to Clemson by way of the University of Oklahoma (OU), where she served as a residential college director. Prior to her time at OU, Yolande completed her bachelor’s degree at the University of Maryland, College Park, and her masters in Higher Education and Student Affairs at Baylor University. Yolande loves to sing and is often humming a tune as she does most things. She loves getting to know residents, so drop by her office and say hello!


 HRC Graduate Community Director

EmilyMrkovich-HRC-GraduateCommunityDirector-2019Emily Markovich is a second-year student in the Master of Education in Counselor Education (Student Affairs) program at Clemson University, and is the Graduate Community Director of the Honors Residential College. Emily developed her passion for working with honors students while she was an undergraduate at Florida Gulf Coast University, and is excited to be a part of the HRC community this year! You can often find Emily studying in her office, exploring new restaurants, or planning her next trip to Disney.


Meet the Resident Assistants

HRC Assistants

  • FRONT ROW (left to right)
  • Akim Koutsioukis, Chemistry
  • Mark Kouame, Biochemistry
  • Peter DePhillips, Bioengineering
  • Inara Devji, Biological Sciences
  • Roann Abdeladl, Health Science
  • Ridhi Chaubey, Mechanical Engineering
  • BACK ROW (left to right)
  • Emily Markovich, Graduate Community Director
  • Emma Mayes, Industrial Engineering
  • Caleb Hylkema, Biological Sciences
  • Chandler Bailey, Environmental Engineering
  • Michaela Cattell, Bioengineering
  • Helen Schmidt, Political Science
  • Louise Franke, Biochemistry
  • Anna Delahunt, General Engineering
  • Yolande Graham, Assistant Director, Residential Living



Annual Events

Although the HRC is only three years old, we're steeped in tradition!  Come join us for some of our annual events.

Halloween Party

We love to get creative with our Halloween celebrations. Two years ago, we turned the Honors Center into a giant CLUE game, complete with a ballroom (The Great Hall), a conservatory (one of the classrooms), and a Library (the . . . Library). Last year we celebrated Frankenstein's 200th birthday with a monster's ball that included escape rooms, a haunted cemetery, and much more. Want to know what we have in store for the future? Stay tuned!

Valentine's Day Lecture and Dinner Party

A lecture on Valentine's Day? Why not, if it's all about love! Enjoy some of our most talented and popular Clemson professors as they show you that Cupid has an academic side. The lecture is always accompanied by a sit-down dinner and a live jazz band!

What do our Valentine's Day lectures look like?

  • 2017 - "The (Algo)Rhythms of Love: Why Nerds Make the Best Romantics" (Dr. Brian Dean, School of Computing)
  • 2018 - "Gut Feelings: Bacteria Cause Infection - and Infatuation??" (Dr. Kristi Whitehead, Department of Biological Sciences)
  • 2019 - "Sex Ed: Don't I know This Stuff Already?" (Dr. Bruce King, Department of Psychology)
  • 2020 - TBA!

Girl Scout Cookie Break

Who doesn't like Girl Scout cookies? The Lassers provide every possible variety and try--usually unsuccessfully--to buy enough for the hundreds of HRC students who stop by their faculty-in-residence apartment. Everyone ends up smiling--including some very lucky girl scout cookie sellers!

Piano Jam and Jazz Jam

Piano Jam 2019In the fall, come share your music with us at the annual Piano Jam. Classical, country, rock, whatever you enjoy, come perform for us!  Piano not required--any instrument (including voice) welcome!

In the spring, everyone who plays jazz is invited to perform a night of improv. Piano, sax, guitar, brass-they all come out to make the Great Hall ring with fabulous sound.


Faculty-Student Dinners

Sign up to sit down for dinner in the private dining hall with some of your favorite professors for an informal chat. What's on the agenda - nothing - and everything!  We just ask our guests to be ready to talk about whatever is interesting them - or you - at the time. Which faculty members are invited?  You tell us!

Cookie Ninja

You never know when the Lassers might turn up in your study lounge, cookies and gluten-free treats (or maybe brownies) in hand. . .

Other Events

We celebrated the 2018 Solar Eclipse, Superman's 80th Birthday, the 200th anniversary of the novel Frankenstein, the start of the semester, the end of the semester....well, you get the idea.  Come be a part of our community!

Photos of Events

Collage of numerous events

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