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Police Department

University Access Control Policy


The purpose of this policy is to unify and enhance the personal safety of the campus community and to provide adequate and reasonable security of university property. A successful program is dependent on every member of the community being diligent in the stewardship of physical access devices and situationally aware of their surroundings. The implementation of physical access controls must be balanced with the university’s value of being an open and welcoming place to study, teach, research, and collaborate.


This policy applies to all facilities under control of Clemson University where access is considered usual or normal points of ingress and egress for our community. This policy does not include off-campus or affiliate sites where the university does not control access. Reasonable efforts should be made with entities controlling non-campus locations to work with the university to ensure adequate and reasonable security will be provided for our faculty, staff, students and general public while occupying those facilities.


All exterior doors on facilities considered to be within scope and identified as the primary points of ingress/egress of our campus community will have electronic access controls installed and maintained centrally by the university. All doors with card access controls installed will be under central electronic access control management and are subject to all card access control processes and procedures. Legacy doors will have controls installed or retrofitted to conform to university systems and any new construction or remodeling must have controls that are compatible with existing card access controls included in construction requirements. The Chief of Police will be responsible for identifying doors applicable for each facility for card access control. Doors not considered as main points of ingress/egress may have contacts installed for purposes of monitoring. Departments assume financial responsibility for card access installation and hardware maintenance that is above and beyond what the Chief of Police has identified. All doors with access control will be required to be compatible with the university access control system. Departments may not install locks that are not compatible with the university ID card or university approved.

Responsible Department/Division

Clemson University Police Department Student Affairs Director Eric Hendricks

Approval Dates:

Administrative Council: October 26, 2015


Other: if appropriate

Published Location(s):

To be determined by each Building Security Coordinator

Clemson University Police Department
Clemson University Police Department | 124 Ravenel Center Place, Seneca, SC 29678