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Tiger Transit

Tiger Transit CUPD Clemson University


Tiger Transit is operated under the direction of the Division of Student Affairs by the Student Patrol, a student organization affiliated with the Clemson University Police Department (CUPD). Tiger Transit serves all Clemson University students, faculty, staff and visitors.

For your safety and convenience, Tiger Transit drivers are pleased to provide service to and from any location on Clemson’s campus.

Hours of Operations

Tiger Transit operates 7 days a week, from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. During peak traffic times surrounding home football games this service may not be available.

Tiger Transit does not operate when Clemson University is not in session.

Tiger Transit is now a part of the my.clemson app.  This means everyone with an internet enabled device including iPhones (free at the App store), can easily access the ride request screen and get a ride with Tiger Transit. In my.clemson, we are part of the "safety" section. Learn more about Mobile Clemson at

How to Get a Ride

  • Access Tiger Transit via desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone or any internet enabled device and enter a ride request. 
  • Call Tiger Transit at 864-656-3333.
  • Follow the prompts to enter a ride request or if you are having trouble dial "0" to speak live with our dispatcher. 
  • Provide the dispatcher or the site with the following information so we may easily identify you and document our activity:
    • current location and phone number (the automated system only needs your phone number the first time.)
    • desired destination
    • number of people in your party
    • brief personal description for easy identification (or a description of your vehicle)
  • If you used the internet option, once your driver is assigned, you can track them until they arrive by clicking the status of your ride button.
  • Wait patiently at the location provided to the dispatcher.
  • Enjoy your ride.

More Information About Tiger Transit

  • About Tiger Transit

    Tiger Transit drivers are members of the Student Patrol, a student organization affiliated with the Clemson University Police Department (CUPD). All members of the Student Patrol must pass a police security background check. In addition, supervisors of the Student Patrol interviews each new member. After this process is complete and references are checked, the new member begins a structured training program to prepare him or her for service.

    Student patrol Officers (SPOs) carry two-way, hand-held radios to maintain contact with the CUPD dispatchers. Tiger Transit Vehicles have these radios installed as well.

    We have an automated dispatch system designed to make the system efficient and more user friendly. The more our riders become familiar with the system and the differrent ways it can be used the easier the system will work for them.

    Work assignments for Student Patrol are flexible and, of course, involve working late hours.

    For information about joining the Student Patrol, please contact James Gowan at or Brad Rhodes at

    Click here to watch a video here about campus safety, including helpful information about Tiger Transit.

  • Pickup
    • Please be ready when Tiger Transit arrives. When using the ride request page through m.clemson or the Android Marketplace (Google Play) you can track your driver to be better prepared without waiting outside any longer than necessary. Confusion caused by two of our vehicles in the same general are can be alleviated by tracking your driver as well.
    • If you decide a ride is no longer necessary, please call back to cancel so the time may be given to someone else.
    • Be specific about where you will be waiting. In the ride request page you can enter your car color and make as well as anything that will help us find you.
    • Traffic or inclement weather may delay your ride; please be patient and cooperative.

    If you have any questions or comments about Tiger Transit, feel free to e-mail James Gowan at

  • Service Rules
    • Transportation will be provided to and from on-campus locations only.
    • Transportation will not be provided to groups of more than three persons. If you have a vehicle, please drop the majority of your party off at your destination and then use Tiger Transit.
    • Visibly intoxicated persons will not be transported.

    Tiger Transit is designed to enhance the safety of students, faculty, staff and visitors of Clemson University who need to travel within the campus area.

    Tiger Transit reserves the right to refuse transportation to persons who behave improperly during transport, are abusive to Tiger Transit personnel or who abuse the service.

  • Efficiency Tips
    • Drop off friends, luggage and groceries at the residence hall before parking. If each car requesting a ride only has one or two occupants and they are not carrying bulky items a larger number of calls for service can be handled by each vehicle and the wait time to get a ride is more easily controlled.
    • Call when you get to the parking lot. Calling ahead sometimes causes confusion if the van arrives before you do.
    • Let us know if you choose alternate transportation (CAT bus) after you initially call Tiger Transit. This will reduce wait times for others while the van is searching for someone who is no longer present.
    • Keep your doors locked and keep your headlights on until the transit vehicle arrives.

Frequently Asked Questions