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Emergency Management

Emergency Notifications

Emergency Notifications are sent via several methods to warn the University community of imminent threats or disruptions to campus services, such as class cancellations. Alerts are only sent when there is a potential threat to safety or a major disruption to campus services, and for monthly tests.

Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to register their mobile phone number to receive texts. Additional email addresses and phone numbers can be added following the instructions in the Account Management section.

Parents & Visitors

Not a Clemson student, faculty or staff member? Stay informed with our additional emergency notification options, great for parents, visitors or community members.

Alerting Methods


All email addresses automatically receive CU Safe Alerts. You can easily add additional or family members’ email addresses through your account by following the instructions in the Account Management section.

Text Messages

Clemson University students and employees receive reminders to validate their primary cell phone number to receive CU Safe Alerts on my.Clemson.

You can easily add additional or family members’ cell phone numbers by following the instructions in the Account Management section.

Desktop Alerts

Clemson University students are encouraged to download Alertus Desktop on their Mac or Windows computer to receive desktop popups for emergency alerts.

Social Media

Members of the community can view many CU Safe Alerts on Clemson Safety sites. Follow us @ClemsonSafety on Facebook and Twitter to receive alerts and regular safety tips and information.


Members of the community can view CU Safe Alerts on the page with the most recent messages at the top of the page.  

Warning sirens 

Clemson’s Main Campus has sirens to warn individuals who are outside of certain imminent threats to the University community. When the sirens sound, you should:

  • Follow the announced instructions.
  • If the audible announcement cannot be understood, check your cell phone and/or email for a CU Safe Alert and follow the instructions.

CU Safe Alert and Siren tests

CU Safe Alerts via email, text messages, desktop alerts, social media and the website are tested monthly.

Clemson University and Duke Energy warning sirens are tested during the first month of each calendar quarter (January, April, July and October).

Account Management

To validate your primary cell number for alerts:

  1. Clemson University employees and students receive periodic reminders to update their cell phone number on my.Clemson.
  2. To check your primary number at any time, visit my.Clemson, got to My Profile, click on Phone Numbers, and view and/or update the Cell Phone number listed.

To Add or Update Additional Cell Phone Numbers and Email Addresses:

Follow the instructions on Clemson's CU Safe Alerts page.

Frequently Asked Questions