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George J. Petersen

Professor and Founding Dean

George Petersen has been a public school teacher, administrator and university faculty member. Prior to this appointment with the College of Education, he served as dean of the Graduate College of Education at California Lutheran University. He was the chair of the Department of Graduate Studies at the California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo and co-director of the University of California-Santa Barbara and Cal Poly Joint Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership. He was a tenured professor at the University of Missouri-Columbia, and served as associate director of the University Council for Educational Administration, a national research and policy organization.

Petersen is the author or co-author of three books and more than 100 book chapters, professional articles, research papers, monographs and commissioned reports. Much of his scholarly work has focused on the executive leadership of district superintendents and their beliefs, roles and work in the area of instructional leadership and policy.

In recognition of his scholarship and service, Petersen received numerous awards, including the University of California-Santa Barbara's Gevirtz College of Education Distinguished Alumni Award and the University of Missouri-Columbia’s Excellence in Teaching Award. He was also was a finalist for both the Outstanding Teaching and Distinguished Scholarship Awards at Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo. As a public school teacher, he was the recipient of the Sallie Mae Outstanding Teaching Award, given to the top 100 teachers in the United States.

Jeff Marshall, Professor and Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies

Jeff C. Marshall

Professor and Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies

Jeff Marshall works to support the success and growth of all College of Education graduate programs and provides leadership to guide the research and grant productivity in the college.

Prior to becoming chair, Jeff Marshall served as a professor of science education and assistant chair in the department. He is also director of Clemson’s Inquiry in Motion Institute, which seeks to improve the motivation, potential and achievement of students and teachers through sustained engagement in science, math, engineering and technology (STEM). He was a key player in the development of Clemson’s Master of Education in teaching and learning online program.

Marshall’s research over the past several years has focused on improving teacher professional development experiences and teacher effectiveness. A recipient of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching, he has published five books, more than 60 articles and given more than 130 presentations in the last 10 years. He also serves as an educational consultant for school districts, universities and grant projects across the country.

Michelle Patrick Cook, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs

Michelle Patrick Cook

Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs

In this position, Michelle Cook provides leadership in undergraduate programming and clinical and field experiences, supports assessment and accreditation, and participates in policy development and implementation.

Cook has served as a faculty member in science education since 2006.  She earned her Ph.D. in science education from North Carolina State University.  She earned her undergraduate and master’s degrees from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Before coming to Clemson, Cook was a high school biology teacher in Raleigh, N.C.

During her time at Clemson, Cook has prepared pre-service teachers in the College of Education’s undergraduate and MAT science teaching programs.  She has provided statewide professional development to in-service science teachers though Improving Teacher Quality, Mathematics and Science Partnership, and Advanced Placement Teacher Institute grants.  Cook’s research has been funded by several NSF grants and has been included in journals such as Science Education and the International Journal of Science Education.

Lee D’Andrea, Director of College Relations

Lee D’Andrea

Director of College Relations

Kathryn “Lee” D'Andrea currently serves as the Director of College Relations and a Professor of Practice in the College of Education at Clemson University. Prior to her public school career retirement, in June 2015, Dr. D'Andrea served as Superintendent of Anderson School District 4 for six years. She previously served the district as the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction from 2003-2006.Dr. D'Andrea grew up in Anderson County, SC, before earning her Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Georgia. In 1976, she began her career as a first grade teacher in Columbus, Georgia. She also served as Coordinator of Early Childhood and Family Literacy, Principal of West Market Family Education Center, and Assistant Superintendent of Data and Accountability in Anderson School District 5. From 2006-2008, she was the Superintendent of the School District of Pickens County. A lifelong learner, Dr. D'Andrea earned a Master’s Degree and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Education Leadership from Clemson University. She served on numerous state/regional committees and task-forces.

Her areas of education interest include leadership development, systems reform and capacity building, policy and politics of education.

Kathy Headley, Senior Associate Dean, Division of Collaborative Academic Services

Kathy Headley

Professor and Coordinator for the Dean’s Leadership Institute

Kathy Headley, professor of literacy education, has been a faculty member at Clemson University since 1987. With undergraduate and master’s degrees from the University of Georgia, she began her career as a teacher and reading specialist in Georgia before completing her doctorate in reading from Auburn University.

Headley’s areas of expertise include adolescent literacy and writing with specialized interests in comprehension and vocabulary. She has published articles on young adult and children’s literature in journals such as The Reading Teacher and The ALAN Review along with research on adolescent motivation in The Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy. Headley served an elected three-year term on the Board of Directors for the International Reading Association (International Literacy Association) and was recently elected to serve as ILA President. She remains active regarding policy development and implementation for literacy improvement locally and globally.

In her current role as coordinator of the Dean’s Leadership Institute, Headley provides leadership across the College of Education.

Cynthia Deaton, Chair, Department of Teaching and Learning

Cynthia Deaton

Chair, Department of Teaching and Learning

In this position, Cynthia C. Minchew Deaton will support and oversee the areas of curriculum and instruction, early childhood education, elementary education, middle level education, and secondary education within the Department of Teaching and Learning.

Deaton has served as a faculty member in science education and program coordinator for elementary education. She earned her Ph.D. in science education and a certificate in Interdisciplinary Qualitative Studies from the University of Georgia. She also has a B.S. in biology and M.Ed. in science education. Prior to her work at Clemson, Deaton was an Assistant Professor at the University of Mississippi and a high school biology and physical science teacher in Brunswick, Georgia.

Deaton teaches science methods for the elementary education program, qualitative research for doctoral students in the College of Education, and curriculum theory for the online M.Ed. in Teaching and Learning. Through her multiple SC Improving Teacher Quality and SC Mathematics and Science Partnership grant funded projects, she has provided professional development to in-service teachers throughout the state. Her research has focused on preservice teacher education, reflective practice, mobile learning, STEM, and qualitative research.

Jane Clark Lindle, PhD, Professor and Interim Department Chair, Department of Educational and Organizational Leadership Development

Jane Clark Lindle

Professor and Department Chair, Department of Educational and Organizational Leadership Development

With a career in education spanning seven states, three universities, three elementary schools, a junior high, and one middle school, Professor Lindle has deep roots in the leadership necessary for life-long learning and educational innovation. In her department chair role, Lindle focuses on students achieving their professional goals through the department’s seven graduate programs and one undergraduate minor.

Lindle’s research includes the micropolitical influences of educational policy on the practices of school leaders, teachers and their relationships with students, families, and communities. Her work has focused on how those relationships affect students' access to education, parent and community engagement, and school safety. Lindle’s work has appeared in Educational Policy, International Journal of Educational Leadership, the Journal of School Leadership, and she has published 6 books and 17 book chapters and averages 4.7 publications per year. She has generated research funding at the rate of 1.4 proposals per year, in a field that is tied to grants and contracts from philanthropic and small state-level public agencies rather than large competitive federal funds.

Debi Switzer, Professor and Chair, Department of Education and Human Development

Debi M. Switzer

Professor and Chair, Department of Education and Human Development

Debi Switzer oversees the areas of clinical/mental health counseling, educational foundations, learning sciences, literacy, school counseling and special education within the Department of Education and Human Development.

A member of the Clemson faculty since 1990 and full professor since 2004, Switzer has focused her teaching on educational psychology, including learning and motivation theory, and tests and measurements. She has collaborated on research projects with faculty in engineering, psychology, education, recreation, counseling, public health and business, supplying expertise in assessment and experimental design. A consulting editor for the Journal of Educational Research for two terms, she has engaged in research in motivation and assessment, and research design that has included the instructional benefits of virtual worlds and other technologies.

Switzer’s honors include the Harold E. Mitzel Award for Meritorious Contribution to Educational Practice Through Research by the Journal of Educational Research, the Prince Award for Innovation in Teaching by Clemson’s Undergraduate Student Government, and the Governor’s Distinguished Professor recognition by the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education. She spent the first nine years of her career as a secondary mathematics and computer science teacher.

Leigh Martin, Executive Director, Office of Clinical Partnerships and Outreach

Leigh Martin

Executive Director, Office of Clinical Partnerships and Outreach

Leigh Martin oversees all aspects of the Office of Field and Clinical Partnerships and Outreach, including guiding all facets of students’ field experiences. In this role, she also works with College of Education faculty and staff as they move towards developing policies and practices to create partnership models with school districts.

Martin has been a member of the Clemson faculty since 2011. Since then, she has held the position of lecturer, senior lecturer, and program coordinator. Prior to her arrival at Clemson, she worked as a mathematics specialist with the S 2TEM Centers and taught middle school and high school mathematics.

Martin’s research interests include mathematics instructional coaching and preservice teachers’ noticing of students’ thinking. She has published in the Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education, Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, and Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education, and she has spoken nationally at dozens of conferences.

Martin also serves as a reviewer for the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators, and the South Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Additionally, she has served as vice president of post-secondary for the South Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics, and she is currently a member of Clemson’s Inaugural President’s Leadership Institute.