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Community and Diversity Committee

The Community and Diversity Committee shall consist of:

  • two members elected to serve three-year terms from each faculty unit;
  • up to two other faculty appointed by the dean to serve three-year terms; and
  • up to two undergraduate students, two graduate students and one staff member appointed by the dean to serve one-year terms.

Faculty units represented on the Community and Diversity Committee include Education and Human Development (EHD), Educational and Organizational Leadership Development (EOLD), and Teaching and Learning (T&L).  Terms on the Community and Diversity Committee may be extended to allow representatives to fulfill their term obligations on associated college or university committees.

Committee Members

Travis Smith Graduate Student 2019-2020
Michelle Boettcher* EOLD 2018-2021
Daniella Hall* EOLD 2018-2021
Jennifer Hall EHD 2019-2022
Meihua Qia EHD 2018-2021
Vacant Undergraduate Student
Carlos Gomez T&L 2018-2020
Vacant T&L 2018-2020
Vacant Staff Member

* Indicates co-chair of the committee