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Commitment to Diversity

The College of Education is committed to providing all candidates with purposeful, challenging and diverse experiences. It is through a range of diverse, carefully constructed and challenging classroom-based instruction and field-based experiences that candidates will recognize the inherent dignity and value of all individuals, promote equity in education and advocate on behalf of children, families and communities.

The Community and Diversity Plan of the College of Education is consistent with Clemson University’s Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity Policy. It is the policy of Clemson University and the College of Education to recruit, hire, train and promote employees without discrimination and to recruit and retain a diverse student body. The Community and Diversity Plan extends to both the employment practices and the administration of programs and activities within the College of Education.

Diversity Initiatives

The College of Education’s approach to creating an environment that fosters excellence through diversity includes establishing clear priorities, delineating responsibilities and creating positive incentives for progress. The committee is responsible for articulating policy recommendations. When endorsed by the faculty, the Dean of the College of Education is responsible for supporting and facilitating the implementation of these policy initiatives.

Clemson University has demonstrated a strong commitment to diversifying its faculty, student body and staff. We recognize diversity to include differences among groups of people and individuals based on ethnicity, race, socioeconomic status, gender, age, exceptionalities, language, religion, sexual orientation and geographical area. Such an environment encourages all people to develop their talents to the fullest. We realize that if we are to achieve this vision, the College of Education must maintain a culture where diversity is celebrated.

Candidate Performance