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Inquiry in Motion

News and Events

Release of The Highly Effective Teacher and Upcoming Webinar

On April 21, ASCD will be releasing a new book by Jeff C. Marshall entitled, The Highly Effective Teacher: 7 Classroom-Tested Practices that Foster Student Success. On this same day, a webinar will be held to highlight the teacher practices that help to unlock student success. The webinar will be archived on for future viewing.

Release of Overcoming Student Apathy: 2nd Edition

A candid look into the hearts and minds of many of today’s struggling learners. This book moves beyond “they just don’t care” by focusing on solutions that help to eradicate this nemesis to learning. Visit or to get your copy today.

New joint ASCD / NSTA publication

Succeeding with Inquiry in Science and Math Classrooms has just been released for purchase. The book seeks to assist teachers in the transformation of practice toward greater effectiveness with inquiry-based instruction in K-12 science and math classrooms.

Dramatically Increased Student Achievement

Data from professional development with over 100 middle school science teachers and over 10,000 students have shown that the students of teachers who effectively implement inquiry-based instruction outperform similar students on average by about 3-6 months of academic achievement.

ASCD Webinar

Tuesday, October 29 from 2:00-3:00 EST, Jeff Marshall will be facilitating a webinar entitled, Succeeding with Inquiry in Science and Math Classrooms, that is free to all ASCD members. For those who missed the webinar, it will be archived on the ASCD website at

EQUIP App has arrived!!!

The EQUIP (Electronic Quality of Inquiry Protocol) app is now available as a free download from the Apple Store. This app will allow teachers and leaders measure the effectiveness of inquiry-based instruction occurring in classrooms. See Research and Evaluation for more details.

New Webinars

Three new webinars have been posted to the site that provide an overview of: 1) 4Ex2 Instructional Model 2) EQUIP (observation protocol for inquiry-based instruction) and 3) WebTool (a dynamic web tool for teacher to build, share, and edit inquiry-based math and science lessons).

Casio America, Inc. Designates Clemson University Its Center of Academic Training

Because of our focus on inquiry-based instruction, Casio America, Inc. has determined that they will organize their nationwide professional development for math teachers on some of the ideas developed through the Inquiry in Motion Institute and the Center of Excellence for Inquiry in Mathematics and Science. Of particular interest is the 4E x 2 Instructional Model, which will be used to frame lessons used in the professional development, and the use of the Inquiry in Motion website to develop and house these lessons. Casio’s professional development is designed to enrich the mathematics classroom, using graphing calculator technology to foster investigations and deeper understanding of important mathematical concepts.


In 2010, Dr. Marshall was awarded an NSF CAREER grant entitled: Creating Effective, Sustainable Inquiry-Based Instruction in Middle School Science Classrooms. This work expands existing Inquiry in Motion work and allows Professional Development Experiences to continue for second year participants. The research will measure the effectiveness in improving teacher performance and student achievement. Initial results are promising with improvements in student achievement in content knowledge and process knowledge evidenced. Funding supports this effort through 2015.