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Moore Scholars Program

The purpose of the Moore Scholars program is to develop individuals who possess the knowledge and skills to lead, the commitment to act, and the courage and resilience to initiate change in schools and communities so that every child has the opportunity to achieve academic success. 

Moore Scholars are provided with an innovative set of immersive experiences, helping them to develop the flexibility and perspectives necessary to work successfully with schools and communities that are comprised of ethnic, racial, linguistic, socio-economic, and cultural diversity. 

Students most likely to succeed in this program will possess these qualities:

  • Recognize the inherent dignity and value of all individuals
  • Value social justice and equality of opportunity
  • Advocate on behalf of children and families
  • A desire to build school and community capacity through meaningful collaboration and democratic leadership

Angie Rogers, Coordinator
102 Tillman Hall
Clemson University
Clemson, SC 29634
(864) 656-0416