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Suggested Resources Related to Common Core Standards

As the move into implementation of the Common Core State Standards and the Smarter Balanced Assessment System takes place, the College of Education has gathered a few resources for current teachers, teachers in training, and parents that may help in this transition. The links below are a collection of website links, articles, and the standards themselves.

What parents may need to know to navigate CCSS

What is Common Core and how will this affect my teaching, student outcome?

Introduction statement to CCSS 2010

Multiple links to CCSS resources

Education Week Magazine: November 2012, CCSS edition

English Language Arts (ELA)

CCSS standards, K-12 for ELA and literacy in content areas, social studies, science

Early Childhood

Article about CCSS and early childhood education written by NAEYC

Article about kindergarten experience and CCSS

Policy statement from NAEYC & NAECS regarding CCSS


CCSS mathematics standards, K-12

Appendix to CCSS mathematics standards

South Carolina Mathematics resources for K-8, 2013

South Carolina Mathematics resources for 9-12, 2013