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GoalPOST (Goal-oriented Performance in Out of School Time) measures the development of achievement goal orientations and academic achievement through an out-of-school-time education program designed to foster a mastery learning environment. Dave Fleming, Associate Dean of the Graduate School, and co-investigators Bob Barcelona and Bill Quinn, have secured over $2.4 million in grants to support the project which was initiated in 2008. The primary funding agency is the U.S. Department of Education.

Participants include elementary school students and their families through a partnership with seven elementary schools in Anderson School Districts 1 and 4. In addition, the project involves other University faculty, two doctoral students and about 200 Clemson University students each year. Participating elementary students receive daily academic and homework assistance, and participate in technology activities, physical recreation and goal-setting exercises. Measures associated with this work include such constructs as academic performance, resiliency, school connectedness and parent communication.

The GoalPOST project received the Eugene T. Moore School of Education Award of Excellence for Innovation in 2012. It is a truly collaborative research project that not only contributes academically to the field of informal education, but also positively impacts the community in direct and tangible ways.

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