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Arts and Creativity Lab

The Arts and Creativity Lab (AC Lab) is a place to nurture creative and artistic thinking. When we feel comfortable and inspired by the aesthetics of our surroundings, we enjoy our work more and can be more open to new ideas. This classroom/lab space was designed by Dr. Alison E. Leonard to allow for concentrated work in both the visual and performing arts in education. The space has been divided into a visual art with seminar space and a performing arts space with a specialized performance floor. Both spaces have been modeled after professional arts spaces and designed to create a comfortable and non-intimidating space for creative work and arts integration in early childhood, elementary, and special education.

Please watch Dr. Alison E. Leonard talking about the Arts & Creativity Lab in a video on exhibit at Experience Clemson at ONE on Main Street in Greenville, SC.


Links to resources and organizations that support and promote the arts in education:

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