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ClemsonLIFE Application and Admissions

Admission Criteria

  • Primary disability must be cognitive, not behavioral or emotional
  • Was eligible for IDEA services while in school; has an IEP
  • Reading ability is on at least a third grade level
  • Has basic mathematics understanding; can use a calculator
  • Can utilize technology (cell phone, lap top, etc.) on a basic level
  • Age is between 18-26 years old upon admission to the program
  • Demonstrates independence, motivation, and stability
  • Is able to function independently for a sustained period of time
  • Likes to be around people; sociable
  • Able to handle changes in routine; can be flexible in fluctuating circumstances
  • Not defiant toward authority; can take direction
  • Likes to learn
  • Has the potential to be successful in competitive employment situations. We highly recommend employment, or at least volunteer, experience before entering the program.
  • Has the desire and motivation to participate in a college experience
  • Has parents who will support his/her independence

Application Process

  • Attend a program open house. This one-day program will allow students and families to determine if the ClemsonLIFE program will be a good fit.
  • Complete and submit the 2020-2021 ClemsonLIFE Application for Admission and required documentation.
  • Attend a personal interview.
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