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ClemsonLIFE Application and Admissions

Admission Criteria

  • Documentation of an intellectual disability, with significant limitations in intellectual functioning and in adaptive behavior, as defined by the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AAIDD). “Intellectual disability is a disability characterized by significant limitations both in intellectual functioning and in adaptive behavior as expressed in conceptual, social, and practical adaptive skills. This disability originates before the age of 18” (AAIDD)
  • Primary disability must be cognitive, not behavioral or emotional
  • Was eligible for IDEA services while in school; has an IEP
  • Has the ability to independently self-administer and manage medication, specialized dietary and/or medical needs. Note: ClemsonLIFE personnel are not available to manage/administer medication and take no responsibility for specialized diets or medical needs
  • Reading ability is on at least a third grade level
  • Has basic mathematics understanding; can use a calculator
  • Can utilize technology (cell phone, lap top, etc.) on a basic level
  • Age is between 18-26 years old upon admission to the program
  • Demonstrates independence, motivation, and stability
  • Is able to function independently for a sustained period of time
  • Likes to be around people; sociable
  • Able to handle changes in routine; can be flexible in fluctuating circumstances
  • Not defiant toward authority; can take direction
  • Demonstrates the ability to accept personal responsibility for actions and maintains respect for self and others
  • Likes to learn
  • Has the potential to be successful in competitive employment situations. We highly recommend employment, or at least volunteer, experience before entering the program.
  • Has the desire and motivation to participate in a college experience
  • Has parents who will support his/her independence

Application Process

  • Attend a program open house. This one-day program will allow students and families to determine if the ClemsonLIFE program will be a good fit.
  • Complete and submit the 2021-2022 ClemsonLIFE Application for Admission and required documentation by December 11, 2020.
  • Eligible applicants will be invited to attend an on-campus interview.
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