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Research Forum



The 2018 College of Education Research Forum was held on Tuesday, April 24, at the Hendrix Student Center. 

The goal of the annual Research Forum is to highlight for the University community the exceptional research that our graduate students are conducting – research that promotes the vision of the College of Education and supports the research priorities of ClemsonForward. 

Graduate students and faculty prepared posters for the forum, and Provost Bob Jones, Vice President for Research Tanju Karanfil, Associate Provost Ellen Granberg, Graduate School Dean Jason Osborne, and College of Education Founding Dean George Petersen were on hand to view posters and present remarks. 

A new feature of the forum, the panel presentation, focused on the experiences of early career faculty at R1 (top-level research) universities. Panelists include recent Clemson graduates Mickey Losinski, associate professor at Kansas State University, and Emily Howell, assistant professor at Iowa State University, as well as Shanna Hirsch, a 2016 graduate of the University of Virginia and now an assistant professor in the College of Education.

The forum concluded with the Graduate Student and Faculty/Staff Awards of Excellence awards. Congratulations to all of the award recipients:


  • Robin Phelps-Ward - Award of Excellence for Innovation
  • Phillip Wilder - Award of Excellence in Service/Outreach
  • Antonis Katsiyannis - Award of Excellence in Graduate Student Advising/Mentoring
  • Tony Cawthon - Award of Excellence in Teaching

Graduate Students

  • Courtney Allen - Award of Excellence in Research
  • Leslie Roberts - Award of Excellence in Research
  • Travis Smith - Award of Excellence in Service/Outreach
  • Stephanie Schenck -  Award of Excellence in Service/Clinical
  • Arsenio Silva - Award of Excellence in Service/Clinical