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TigersTeach Immersion Activities

Noyce Scholars presenting at the DC conference in May 2014.TigersTeach Noyce scholars will be offered numerous co-curricular support mechanisms that will create a vibrant learning community consisting of scholars, teachers in partner districts, as well as professors in engineering, the sciences, mathematics and education. The major theme of these activities will be developing TigersTeach Noyce scholars as servant-leaders, meaning that they are committed to serving the community and that they are dedicated not only to teach but to lead in those communities.

Immersion activities may consist of:

  • Tutoring and other school/community service activities
  • Seminars and events to support scholars as they learn about leadership and teaching
  • Visitations to multiple schools
  • Field trips to informal sites and businesses
  • Attendance at State and National Math and Science Conferences
  • Presentations at Regional and National Noyce Conference

TigersTeach Noyce scholars are also encouraged to join Clemson University’s student chapters of the National Science Teachers Association (Clemson University National Science Teachers Association Student Chapter, CU NSTA) or the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (Clemson University Student Council of Teachers of Mathematics, CUSCTM). Members of these organizations will assist scholars to:

  • Develop teaching and professional dispositions
  • Discuss professional and teaching issues
  • Develop resumes and interview skills

A list of organizations can be found here.

Additionally, TigersTeach Noyce scholars will be provided with a P-12 mentor and with a Clemson faculty mentor. Mentors will support the professional development of the scholar.