I. Dwaine Eubanks Emeritus College Fellows

The I. Dwaine Eubanks Emeritus College Fellows

Many emeritus faculty members steadily render valuable service to the Emeritus College and to Clemson University without compensation. The designation of Emeritus College Fellow has been created to honor those individuals.

Eligibility: Any Clemson University current emeritus faculty member with at least three years emeritus standing may be nominated for the Emeritus College Fellow designation, however elected officers of the Emeritus College per the Bylaws are ineligible until one year after their term of office ends. Individuals may not self-nominate.

Award Criteria: The designation as a Fellow is based on the extent and quality of unremunerated service to the Emeritus College of Clemson University. During the inaugural academic year 2019-2020, ten Fellows will be named with, five or fewer named each successive year, with the total not to exceed fifty.

Nomination Process: Members of the Emeritus College, as well as active Clemson faculty and/or staff members, may make nominations. Please submit the requested information electronically. Also, a separate statement of no more than 500 words describing the nominee’s contributions should be submitted by email, by regular mail, or hand-delivered to The Office of the Director at the Emeritus College. The email address is emerituscollege@clemson.edu and the mailing address is Emeritus College / Clemson University / 511 Westinghouse Road / Pendleton, SC 29670.

Selection Process: The Emeritus College Awards Committee will administer the process for selecting Fellows. The Awards Committee complemented by two Fellows will review nominations and recommend Fellows for approval by the Executive Committee.

Individuals selected as I. Dwaine Eubanks Emeritus College Fellows will receive a certificate, lapel pin, and a permanent Emeritus College name badge that includes the word Fellow. A permanent plaque for Fellows names will be placed in the Emeritus College.

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