Emeritus College Speakers’ Bureau

The Clemson University Emeritus College charged the Community Outreach Committee to develop a means by which the intellectual resources and commitment of our retired faculty could focus on the betterment of communities around our State. The Committee quickly assigned high priority to the establishment of a speakers’ bureau. Many organizations devote a position to identifying and organizing programs for their membership. Professional, interesting presentations are invaluable to organizations in increasing the engagement of their members.

We envision the speakers’ bureau’s roles to include 1) facilitation of opportunities for emeriti to connect with a wide clientele, including community organizations, non-profit organizations, educators and agencies to share the wide knowledge base and expertise of our over 800 emeriti; and 2) to enhance the awareness by clientele groups around the State of the opportunity to enhance their programs with a variety of presentation topics that they can access from the Emeritus College.

All EC speakers’ bureau presenters will adhere to the Clemson University Faculty Manual policies for Academic Freedom and Expression. Please view the Academic Freedom and Responsibility Information from the Clemson University Faculty Manual.

Emeritus College Speakers' Bureau Event Emeritus College Speakers' Bureau Event Emeritus College Speakers' Bureau Event