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Staff Voluntary Reduction in Time FAQ

What is Voluntary Reduction in Time?

Voluntarily reducing your work time.  Reduction in Time can provide flexibility in employee work schedules in various ways (hourly, daily, or monthly).  The Office of Human Resources can help you in exploring options.

Is my reduction in time and pay permanent?

Yes, this is a permanent voluntary reduction in time and pay.  Clemson University, however, reserves the authority to rescind approval of an employee's participation in the program in the event that University, college or departmental needs require.

Who is eligible to participate?

This program is available to all non-probationary employees in FTE positions, whether Full or Part time.  Employees not eligible to participate include temporary grant, time-limited, temporary, intermittent, and students (undergrad and grad).

Is this mandatory?

No.  This program is available on a voluntary basis.

How do I get my revised schedule approved?

You will complete the Reduction in Time Request Form, submit the form to your immediate supervisor for approval, he/she will then forward to the applicable VP or Dean for approvals, then the form will be submitted to the Office of Human Resources for the time and pay reduction to be entered into the Human Resources system.  The final approval is contingent upon the employee meeting with Clemson University's Office of Human Resources to discuss options.

Where is the Reduction in Time Request Form located?

On the Human Resources web site at:

How will my paycheck be affected?

Your pay will be reduced based on the amount of time reduction.  Examples can be found at:

What happens to my benefits?

Insurance: Insurance benefits remain the same until hours worked drop below 30 hours per week, then an employee is ineligible for benefits.

Retirement: Contributions will be calculated at the new pay rate using the applicable employee contribution percentage mandated by the State

Service Credit:  Retirement service credit and leave accrual service dates are not impacted regardless of FTE percentage.  Retirement service requires $580/month of gross earnings to receive full month's service credit. 

What happens to my sick and annual leave accruals?

Accruals will continue to be pro-rated on the percentage of your FTE.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Please contact Ask-HR with any questions.