Human Resources

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Adjunct Appointment (see Add Contingent Worker)
Add Contingent Worker
Add Employment Instance (Additional Job)
Administrative Salary Adjustment
Available Query Records and Fields
Change in Hours - Employee Assigned to Position
Change in Hours - Employee Not Assigned to Position
Conversion 9 Mo to 12 Mo or 12 Mo to 9 Mo (Graduate Students Only)
Conversion 9 Mo to 12 Mo or 12 Mo to 9 Mo
Correction Department
Correction Job Code
Driver's License and Emergency Contact Data
Earning Distribution Change
Emeritus Faculty (see Add Contingent Worker)
Faculty Rank Promotion
Hiring Contingent Workers as a Paid Employee
Hiring Procedures for Students
Intermittent Hire (Paid by Special Pay Only)
International Visitor (see Add Contingent Worker)
Leave Without Pay
Military Appointment (see Add Contingent Worker)
Paid Leave of Absence (Sabbatical Full or Half Pay)
Paid Leave of Absence (Extension Study Full or Half Pay)
Pay Rate Change
Permanent Hire
Phone Book Appointment (see Add Contingent Worker)
Reclassify a Person
Recording Eligibility to Teach at Graduate Level (Faculty Only)
Remove Administrative Salary Adjustment
Remove Temporary Salary Adjustment
Return from Extension Study Leave (Half Pay)
Return from Leave (with or without pay)
Return from Sabbatical (half pay) 
Return from Seasonal Leave Without Pay
Review Rating (EPMS & Late Review Rating)
Seasonal Leave Without Pay
Student Hire (Graduate or Undergraduate)
Temporary Hire (Regular or Temporary Grant)
Temporary Salary Adjustment
Tenure Status Change
Terminating Contingent Worker