Human Resources

HR Professionals

FUND 20 Project Guide to Forms
Fringe Benefit Rates
Change Hire Form
Contingent Worker Hire Worksheet
Data Entry Change Form (Changes Not Requiring Approvals)
Earnings Distribution Form
Employment Hire Form
Multiple Earnings Distribution Form
Multiple Supervisor Change Form
New Employee Data Sheet
Quick Glance Form Guide
Completing an I-9 Form Quick Reference
HR Departmental Chargebacks
HR Forms
Policies & Procedures

Employee Records, Classification, and Compensation

Personnel Action Request
Bonus & Award Form
Bonus & Award Form - Multiple Listing

Compensation Plans
End-User Documentation
Establish a New Award
E-Verify FAQ for HR Professionals 
Multiple Bonus Payment Spreadsheet
Multiple Performance Increase Spreadsheet 
Records Retention Resource
Salary Reduction Form
South Carolina State Job Classifications

International Employment

Employment of an International Student
I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification for Internationals
Employment Verification Letter for F-1 Visa 
Employment Verification Letter for J-1 Visa 
International Work Hour Calendar  

Payroll Information


Tiger Talent

Search Committee Guidance
Interfolio Training Guide

Background Investigations
Background Request Form
Background Investigation Policy
Background Investigation Procedure

Classification: Employee or Independent Contractor?
Confidentiality Form
Creating a Job Opening
Employment Actions Procedures
Graystone Advertising
Hire Form
Interview Evaluation Form
Pre-Employment Drug Testing Acknowledgement
Retirees' Employment Service
Salary Increase Request for Student Employees
Sample Design Formats
Sample Interview Questions
Offer Letter Procedure
Offer Letter Templates - Requires Clemson Employee Login
Scheduling Interviews
Creating Interview Evaluations