Human Resources

CUBS Training Policy

Training (instructor led and/or online training) will be provided on all aspects of the system in current use. Users are required to complete this training to obtain access to the system.

In cases where a User needs immediate access, and a class is not offered within a week of the request, the Business Officer may request immediate access. In this case, the Business Officer will need to identify to CUBS training who in the Budget Center will be providing the immediate training. After receiving the CUBS access, the User is required to attend formal classroom training within 30 days. If the User does not attend the training within 30 days, the access will be revoked.

All training requests need to be made to CUBS training through each Business Officer via the Request CUBS Access Form. If a Business Officer wants to appoint someone in their office to approve training requests, it is up to the Business Officer to notify CUBS training of this person. This appointed person would need to carbon copy the Business Officer on all training requests made.

CUBS Training and Security asks that all Business Officers and employees conform to the security policy of not sharing User ID’s and Passwords. Each Employee signs a contract stating that he/she will not share their ID and/or password. If “emergency” situations occur and someone needs immediate access, please contact CUBS training.