Livestock Judging

Livestock judging is an activity that teaches youth how to evaluate and rank livestock against an ideal standard and then justify and defend their decisions. Youth willing to make the commitment to a judging team not only learn about the livestock industry but can gain valuable skills and experience in decision making, communication, critical thinking and leadership. 

Clemson University Youth Livestock Judging Invitational

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Want to Help?

This event requires community involvement and support to continue impacting the lives of our youth. There are many ways families, businesses, and communities can help.

  • Financial donations of any amount, small or large, are appreciated and will go into our general fund to help pay for travel for the winning team to nationals, contest supplies, judge’s fees, or various awards.
  • Financial donations may also be designated for specific things. For example a donor can sponsor the winner’s plaques for $250, a travel stipend for the winning team in any amount, or additional awards or prizes of a sponsors choosing.
  • Product donations can be used as awards. If you have an interest in donating products to this contest let us know. We are willing to work with you! 
  • VOLUNTEER! Contests and events require the help of many people to run. We are always searching for volunteers to help coordinate specific activities or just be an extra pair of hands. If you have some free time or want to give back just let us know and we can sure use your help!

Please contact us if you would like to help support this worthwhile event! Thank you for your consideration!


Free Livestock Judging Classes -

Giving Oral Reasons - Fact Sheet from Oklahoma State University