Tour FAQs

What does "Ag" stand for?

Ag is for Agriculture, representing the farms and farmers market component of the tour!

Is the tour really FREE?

Yes, there is no admission fee to take the tour; however, there will likely be a charge to purchase food, beverages and farmer’s and artisan’s products. Some activities may also have a cost.

Where do I start the tour?

The tour is free and self-guided. Start anywhere and begin your weekend(s) of farm and art fun! Be sure to sign in at your first stop EACH WEEKEND, and make sure you are counted as you move from farm to farm.

What if it rains or storms?

The tour takes place rain or shine!  Sites may close if there is a threat of severe weather as the safety of our visitors, farmers, and artisans is our #1 priority!

Can I bring my dog on the tour?

While we love our four legged friends, we encourage visitors to keep Fido at home.  Since our tour sites are working farms dogs can bring food safety and livestock challenges.  Service animals are allowed as needed.

Ag Plus Art?

Many times we hear Ag (plus) Art but the correct pronunciation of “+” is (and)! Ag and Art. Together!

How does my county participate?

Contact tour administration at to begin the discussion!