Henry L. Eason

Henry Eason

To his colleagues, Eason was a “boots-on-the-ground, get-your-hands-dirty county agent.” To the farmers he served, he was the source of reliable, tested and timely information to make their farms prosper.

“He was a friend to his farmers,” said retired Clemson Extension agent Phil Perry. “He was always encouraging, always positive. He was always working tirelessly behind the scenes. He never said, ‘It’s not my job.'”

Following service in the First U.S. Marine Division in the Pacific in World War II, Eason returned to South Carolina and earned a bachelor’s degree in animal husbandry at Clemson in 1951. He plied that trade in commercial farms in Pennsylvania and Virginia before returning home.

Eason served as a livestock agent for Laurens and Chester counties from 1959 to 1972, when he moved the Newberry County for the remainder of his career. He retired in 1985.

The move to Newberry gave Eason his first real involvement with the dairy business. He learned quickly, earning honors for his service as secretary of the South Carolina Jersey Cattle Club.

“He gave great counsel and advice to livestock producers. He stood with his farmers in good times and bad,” Perry said. “He drew big crowds because he gave his audiences excellent, timely information — and because he fed them well.”

Eason served on the Official Board of Central United Methodist Church in Newberry and as vice president of the Chelsey Cannon Bible Class. He was a member of the Newberry Rotary Club, a Hejaz Temple Shriner and member of Amity Lodge #87 AFM.

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