SCACAA Specialty Awards

Friends of Extension Award

This is the highest award that SCACAA can bestow upon a non-member. The purpose is to recognize outstanding support for Extension educational programming. Recipients may be local, statewide, or national. Any member may nominate someone for this award. This award can be received only once.

Year Awardees
2021 -- -- --
2020 C.H. and Anna E. Lutz Foundation Senator Thomas C. Alexander Oconee County Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Department
2019 -- -- --
2018 Dr. Walt McPhail Tim Jackson Kirsten Robertson
2017 Luther Wannamaker of Wannamaker Wildlife -- --
2016 Kalmia Gardens of Coker College Thad Williams Virginia DuBose
2015 Quality Deer Management Association's Rack Pack Dr. John Nelson Dr. J. Michael Moore
2014 -- -- --
2013 Roper Mountain Science Center, Greg Cornwell, Michael Weeks Mike Keisler Ed Pappas
2012 -- -- --
2011 -- -- --
2010 -- -- --
2009 Chip Blalock Elwyn Deal Frank Brown
2008  Marian St. Clair  --  --
2007  --  --  --
2006 R.D. Morrison Val Hutchinson  --


Media Award

This award recognizes our friends in the media. This includes all forms of print, radio, and television. Any member may make a nomination for this award. This award can be received more than once.

Year Awardees
2020 Mr. John Parris
2019 --
2018 SCETV
2017 --
2016 --
2015 The Morning News (Florence, SC)
2014 --
2013 Miller Communications
2012 --
2011 --
2010 --
2009 --
2008  --
2007  --

Kristy Rupon - The State

Agriculture Awareness and Appreciation Award

This award is to recognize SCACAA and NACAA members or team of members for outstanding use of Public Relations in Daily Efforts that improves the understanding of agriculture in their communities.

Year Awardees
2018 Mallory Dailey and Charly McConnell

Search for Excellence Awards

The SCACAA and NACAA Search for Excellence committee offers the following award opportunities to recognize members who have carried out an outstanding extension educational program in the following areas:

•4-H Programming
•Consumer or Commercial Horticulture
•Crop Production
•Environmental Quality, Forestry, and Natural Resources
•Farm and Ranch Business Management
•Livestock Production
•Sustainable Agriculture Recognition Program
•Young, Beginning. or Small Farmers/Ranchers
Year Awardees

4-H and Livestock Committee: 4-H Programming (National Finalist)


Ryan Bean: Environmental Quality, Forestry, and Natural Resources

T. Ashley Burns: 4-H Programming

2019 Anthony J. Savereno: Environmental Quality, Forestry, and Natural Resources (National Finalist)
2018 Dr. W. Cory Heaton: Environmental Quality, Forestry, and Natural Resources
(National Finalist)

Amy Dabbs: Consumer and Commercial Horticulture


Posters showcase SCACAA and NACAA members' work by giving them the opportunity to present posters at the Annual Meeting/Professional Improvement Conference. This award has two categories: applied research and Extension education.

Year Awardees
2021 Kerrie Roach, Zachary Snipes, Justin Ballew, Sarah Scott, Bruce McLean, Tony Melton, Andy Rollins
2020 Mallory Dailey, T. Ashley Burns, Anthony J. Savereno, Rick Willey, Anaston Broom Ryan Bean, David Coyle, Anthony J. Savereno
2019 Kerrie Roach
2018 Kaleigh Sims