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Academic Eligibility Committee

Last Updated: 12/14/2017

Administrative Home

Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Contact Name

Rhonda Todd, Administrative Coordinator for the Dean of Undergraduate Studies (


Academic Eligibility Committee formulates and recommends undergraduate academic eligibility and appeals policies to the Council on Undergraduate Studies. It is responsible for recommending policies relating to advising and retention. 

Faculty Manual Reference

Chapter VII 

Report Due Date


Meeting Frequency

As needed.

Membership Composition

Seat TypeQuantityTerm LengthDate of Term InitiationSeat Filling MechanismVoting or Non-Voting
Chair 1 NA Non-Voting
Elected Faculty Representative from each college 7 Staggered 3 years Voting
Chair of the Faculty Senate Scholastic Policies Committee (designee) 1 Voting
Student chair of the Minority Council 1 Voting
Undergraduate Student  1 Appointed by the Student Body President Voting

Membership List (Last updated 12/14/2017)

Name Email Seat Type  Department and College Term Initiated  Term Expires
Sruthi Naranyanan-Kutty Voting Plant and Environment Science; CAFLS 8-15-2016 8-14-2018
Anderson Wrangle Voting Art; AAH 8-15-2016 8-14-2019
Patrick Rosopa Voting Psychology; BSHS 8-15-2016 8-14-2018
Jennifer Siemens Voting Marketing; Business 8-15-2016 8-14-2019
Beth Stephan Voting General Engineering; ECAS 8-15-2016 8-14-2019
William Baldwin Voting Biological Sciences; Science 8-15-2016 8-14-2019
Jennie Farmer Voting Teacher Education; Education
Jan Holmevik Voting Faculty Senate Scholastic Policies designee 8-15-2016 8-14-2019
Undergraduate Student Voting
Hannah Schmucker Voting Student, Minority Council 4-14-2017
Jeffrey R. Appling Non-Voting Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies
Julia M. Lusk Non-Voting Student Services Manager of Undergraduate Studies
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