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Admissions Committee

Last Updated: 12/14/2017

Administrative Home

Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Contact Name

Rhonda Todd, Administrative Coordinator for the Dean of Undergraduate Studies (


The Admissions Committee formulates and recommends undergraduate admissions policies to the Council on Undergraduate Studies. It also serves as the appeals committee for undergraduate admissions. 

Faculty Manual Reference

Chapter VII 

Report Due Date


Meeting Frequency

As needed.

Membership Composition

Seat TypeQuantityTerm LengthDate of Term InitiationSeat Filling MechanismVoting or Non-Voting
Chair Non-Voting
Elected Faculty Member from each college 7 Staggered 3 years Voting
Chair of the Faculty Senate Scholastic Policies Committee (or designees) 1 Voting
Chair of the Student Senate Academic Affairs Committee 1 Voting
Director of Undergraduate Academic Services 1 Non-Voting
Director of Housing 1 Non-Voting

Membership List (Last updated December 14, 2017)

NameEmailSeat TypeDepartment and CollegeAppointment DateTerm Expires
David Kuskowski Non-Voting
Glenn Birrenkott Voting CAFLS 8-14-2015 8-14-2018
Christa Smith Voting AAH 8-14-2014 8-14-2017
Phil Roth Voting Business 8-14-2015 8-14-2018
Stephen Creager Voting ECAS 8-14-2017 8-14-2020
Denise Anderson Voting BSHS 8-14-2013 8-14-2016
Scott Tanner Voting Science 8-14-2017 8-14-2020
Leigh Haltiwanger Voting Education 8-14-2017 8-14-2020
Cassie Quigley Voting Faculty Senate Scholastic Policies Chair 8-14-2017 8-14-2018
Jeffrey Appling Undergraduate Studies
Susan Whorton Ex-officio
Doug Hallenbeck Ex-officio University Housing
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