Interdisciplinary Curriculum Committees

Each academic department has one or more curriculum committees, documented in their bylaws. Each college has one or more curriculum committees, documented in their bylaws, composed with representatives from the relevant academic departments. The University Undergraduate and Graduate Curriculum Committees are defined in the Constitution of the Faculty of Clemson University.

In order to facilitate interdisciplinary programs, the Faculty Manual provides for interdisciplinary curriculum committees, which are established following review by the Committee on Committees.

  • Only regular faculty members may be voting members of interdisciplinary curriculum committees
  • The chair of interdisciplinary curriculum committees are elected by and from the voting members of the interdisciplinary curriculum committees
  • In some cases, interdisciplinary curriculum committees may have administrative homes (see Clemson Curriculog Guidelines)

For membership lists and updates, please contact Matt Fields

Each committee is established by the Committee on Committees in a meeting. Use the following form to begin the creation process. 


Formally Established Interdisciplinary Curriculum Committees