Staff Senate Elections


What is a Staff Senator? We are looking for colleagues who want to be a voice for others in their area and who want a better understanding of how our University works. A Senator has the opportunity to be a listener and advocate. They will get a better understanding of how decisions are made as well as meet University decision-makers. They will be collaborators in Senate initiatives and network with colleagues at Senate events.

Senators interact with staff from across campus, as well as with faculty, administrators and representatives from all University areas. They receive first-hand knowledge about the policies and pending changes affecting campus. They represent their co-workers and address the needs of their constituents with other Senators. It’s interesting and fun!

We have Senate representation in each of the following budget centers:

  • B001 - PSA
  • B003 - Provost
  • B004 - CAFLS
  • B005 - AAH
  • B006 - CBSHS
  • B007 - CECAS
  • B008 - College of Business
  • B009 - CCIT
  • B010 - Libraries
  • B011/B012/B027 - Office of the President, BOT, and General Counsel
  • B013 - Athletics
  • B014 - Student Affairs
  • B015/B023 - Research & Economic Development
  • B016 - Development & Alumni Relations
  • B017 - Facilities
  • B018 - Finance & Operations
  • B024 - College of Education
  • B026 - Communication Brand Strategy
  • B028 - Inclusion & Equity
  • B029 - Restoration Institute

Check back here in early 2023 to find out which seats will be open for election for the 2023-2026 term.

Fun facts:

  • A new Senator’s term begins at the May meeting and continues for three years.
  • Senators attend monthly Staff Senate meetings, held on the second Thursday of each month at the Student Union and on Zoom.
  • All Senators also serve on a Senate committee, which meets monthly (schedules vary by committee).
  • In addition, they may volunteer and/or be appointed to serve on a University committee; if selected, they represent the interests of Staff Senate and provide a meeting report regarding the committee’s activities.
  • There are lots of fund-raising and social activities to attend and support.
  • More information about a Senator’s duties can be found in the Staff Senate Bylaws.

We invite you to attend a meeting and/or contact any Senator with questions you may have about the duties and responsibilities of a Staff Senator.  If you have any questions about the election process, please contact Erin Fall in the Staff Senate office or call 656-9000.


Being a representative of staff and serving on Staff Senate is a responsibility that our Senators take seriously. Attendance records for regular staff meetings and committee meetings are kept for all current Senators and updated regularly. Read more about our attendance requirements on our Bylaws page.