Role Structure

ERM Management Structure and Responsibilities

ERM Management Structure and Responsibilities
ERM Structure GroupResponsibilities
and Executive Leadership Team
• Overall ownership and responsibility of the ERM
• Receives updates and reviews ERM documents
• Establishes and reviews risk tolerance levels
ERM Committee • Advisory role for ERM
• Conduit for communication between the University Administration and Board
Board of Trustees • Strategic leadership and decision making based on risk analysis
• Ensures appropriate policy and systems are in place and functional to appropriately manage risks at an enterprise level
University ERM Department • Develops and maintains a plan for University wide assessment and reporting for ERM
• Facilitation role for the ERM process
• Provides support to the President and the Executive Leadership Team, ERM committee, and the Board of Trustees
Executive Sponsors • Identifies and manages enterprise risks within their area of responsibility
  - Reviews activity/functions inventories, risk assessments, and risk summaries,
  - Maintains inventory of current activities,
  - Provides guidance to appropriate risk assessments and summaries
• Communicates results
Risk Coordinators • Coordinates ERM process through current activity inventories, risk assessments, and risk summaries for the Executive Sponsor area
• Serves as a liaison between the ERM department and Executive Sponsor
Risk Owners/Teams • Perform complete risk assessments
• Continual risk awareness and communication
Collaboration with:
Office of General Counsel
Office of Internal Audit
Office of Risk Management
University Compliance
University Planning
Process Improvement