Students must sign up for eRefunds to receive their refund via direct deposit.

Access and enroll in eRefund via iROAR

  • Select the "Student Billing" tab
  • Select the "My Bill" link
  • Select the "Electronic Refunds" link under the "My Profile Setup" section.
  • Click the "Set Up Account" button and follow the on-screen instructions to enter the account information.
  • NOTE: Only the student may sign up for eRefund. Authorized users do not have access to eRefund setup or information.

If you do not sign up for eRefund:

  • Refunds for eligible students will be mailed in the form of a check to the home address on the first day of class.
  • Subsequent refunds will be mailed to the home address every Friday the week after classes begin.

Please Remember:

  • If payment by check creates a credit balance, the refund is held for seven days to allow for bank processing.
  • Any changes to your schedule and/or financial aid after you receive a refund may create a debt. All such debts are subject to collection and must be repaid immediately.
  • If you need to request a stop payment and re-issue of your refund check for any reason, please access this Stop Payment Request form.
  • Your home address is considered your permanent address. The University uses this address to mail information regarding updates and reminders.
  • Any indebtedness to Clemson University will be deducted from your refund before it is sent out.
  • In order to authorize Clemson University to use Title IV Financial Aid Funds (Pell Grant, Direct Loans, etc) to cover miscellaneous student billing charges you must complete the Authorization for Non-Allowable Charges.