Clemson University Give Day


Dollars Raised




One gift can create innumerable
opportunities for students.

Clemson University was founded with a single gift. Since then, we have encouraged a culture of generosity through our annual Give Day.

On April 21, you showed your love for Clemson and dedication to our students’ success with your support. We cannot thank you enough for your enduring loyalty to our University.

“We are grateful for the continued generosity from our donors who support the Clemson community. Give Day shows the impact we can make when we come together. No matter how much, a single gift can provide paths and opportunities for those on their Clemson Journey and makes it possible for us to provide best-in-class learning experiences.” –
Brian O’Rourke, Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations

    When you give back, you help move Clemson forward.

    The Clemson Family is a powerful force, and you proved that to us and to the world.
    With your gift, we are able to create opportunities to move Clemson forward, together. Thank you, and go Tigers!

    Topping the charts at Clemson University, South Carolina


    Students are at the heart of everything we do. When you make a gift to Clemson, you support scholarships that allow aspiring Tigers to attend our University.

    Make an impact at Clemson University, South Carolina


    When we give, we broaden the possibilities in and beyond these hills. Give to Clemson so that Clemson can continue to give back.

    Unite the Family at Clemson University, South Carolina


    Your gift helps create life-changing experiences for students in South Carolina and beyond. The support Tigers receive inspires them to create significant change and make us proud.

    Strategic focus on living experience at Clemson University, South Carolina


    The Clemson Family is built on a foundation of giving. Giving back allows us to create opportunities to move Clemson forward together.